Rebellion of New Benghazi

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Rebellion of New Benghazi
Part of Riots in New Benghazi
The Barricade in New Benghazi
Date7th September-8th September 2013
City of new Benghazi, Frieden
Rebbelion Crushed, rebels fled. Discussion on Banning far right wing parties begins.
Police and Citizens ofFrieden
Friedenish Rebels
Commanders and leaders
Governor Kamer Camel And Colonel Jacob Lewis
Democratic (Conservative) Party)
Around 20

Reasons and Causes

The Rebellion began when Socialist Governor Kamer Camel was elected into office, the Conservatives of the Country, in rage, started to Riot in the streets, when Police where sent to break the riots up, the Conservatives, lead mainly by the leadership of the Democratic Party, built a barricade in one of the Main streets, blocking off a small neighborhood. The Rebellion lasted one day. In that time the Rebels kicked all Socialists and non-Conservatives out of their homes, and outside the Barricade. The Next morning, multiple citizens and a group of Police planned to assault the barricade, but by that time, most of the Rebels where gone. The Barricade was taken down later that day.


After the rebellion, talks in Parliament began to Ban far right wing Parties, until the Referendum to join Juclandia was finished. Upon joining Juclandia the talks quickened, and finished, banning the Democratic party. Inside New Benghazi, the Barricade was taken down, and more police where stationed to the neighborhood where the rebellion happened. The people who where kicked out of their homes, where helped back in, and daily life went back to normal.

Effects on Today

These days, the process of finding the leaders of this Rebellion, are still going on. And efforts to make sure something like this does not happen again, are being made. Such as stationing more police in small slum like neighborhoods, and passing laws to prevent Revolution. With the entering of Juclandia, rebellious actions could increase with non-Monarchists.