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The Democratic Republic of Reektby and Colonies
De Rapo o Reketilaned unad colones (Reketi), Die Demokratische Republik Reektby und Kolonien (German)
Flag of Reektby
Coat of arms of Reektby
Coat of arms
Motto: “Unus infirmus, unus robustus!”
“One weak, one strong!”
Anthem: Oh, best Reektby!
Largest cityWhitbia
Official languagesEnglish, Reketi
Recognized languagesGerman
• President
Sir Whitby
• Vice President
Mr. Smith
EstablishmentNovember 12, 2022
• Total
0.00737660 km2 (0.00284812 sq mi)
• Estimate
7 (17 temporary)
• Census
GDP (PPP)2023 estimate
• Total
HDI (2023)0.807
very high
CurrencyReektby Acon (RKA)
Time zoneUTC-5 (EST)
Driving sideright
Calling code+1
Today part ofUnited States

The Democratic Republic of Reektby and Colonies, or commonly shortened as Republic of Reektby or simply Reektby, is a micronation in central Virginia (Chesterfield County). Reektby had gained independence in November 12, 2022 from the United States of America. Reektby was founded by President Whitby, the current president of Reektby, and Sir Reekes, who is now a governor of Sawndeers. The capital of Reektby is Keketigate, in the Sawndeers district.

Reektby is a democratic micronation. The President of Reektby since the founding has been President Whitby and since mid April in 2023, the Vice President of Reektby has been Vice President Smith.


When Reektby was founded in November of 2022, they decided on the name Reektby (Reek•tuh•bee). They decided on this name to dedicate the first 2 presidents of this micronation. When the constitution was made, they had to revise and add Reektby. What Reektby actually resembles on the first 2 presidents is “Reekes”, as in President Reekes, the first unofficial president and founder of Reektby, and “Whitby”, as in Sir Whitby, the first official president (the current president) and co-founder of Reektby. That name had been agreed due to the 2 presidents both having an equal ruling power.


Reektby gained independence from the United States on November 12, 2022. They gained independence from the United States because they wanted a “good society with real freedom and safety”. Reektby is now a micronation with 2 colonies.


Location of Reektby

The Republic of Reektby was founded on November 12, 2022. It gained independence from the United States of America at exactly 11:00 EST. The meeting happened in Keketigate with Sir Whitby (the first president) and (soon-to-be) President Reekes. Reektby promised to not be a pain to society and be a happy democracy.


On November 30, Reektby and many others created ANAM, Agreement of North American Micronations. Reektby and Theria founded ANAM for trading and peace across the continent. Dilland and Firensia joined the alliance soon after. Dilland and Firensia are not yet considered official micronations, as they do not have a page for their micronations and were technically founded on Roblox. Since then, on December 3, Fishland had officially joined the alliance (Fishland still being unrecognized).

On May 7, 2023, ANAM had been purchased by UNEM. Theria had sold the alliance for free. The government of Theria had claimed they had no idea on how to run an alliance (it had little to no alliance needs). The new ANAM only has 2 official nations. The other 3 “micronations” were seen as fakes, not real micronations with no communications or real governments.

The First War

The first war was declared on December 5 with a region in central Virginia now known in Reektby as Busiland. Reektby had completely annexed Busiland within 1 day (on December 6th) and Busiland was then seen as a territory or colony.

In April 2023, Busiland had been sold and is now not part of Reektby.

The Revival

On April 7, 2023, Reektby had become an active micronation again. After Mr Reekes had left the country early January, the country went downhill and considered itself inactive. In April, however, the economy turned and an area, Lakeside, had joined Reektby as an official territory. Sir Whitby is now the first official president.

Politics and government

Reektby is and always has been a democratic country. Starting with the presidents Sir Whitby and President Reekes, this country has expanded. This country has decided to be a democracy for freedom of vote and a fair society. This has definitely gained independence for a reason.

Head of state

On November 12, 2022, as we all know the independence day, the 2 original presidents, Sir Whitby and President Reekes, agreed for a positive and free society throughout Reektby. This gave little to no rules for the presidents or the citizens, or than the bad things they can do of course. The presidents have the freedom of all the following: make and remove rules, make political speeches, change anything to the great country, Reektby.


The military in Reektby is only the army. Reektby only has land-military. Because of this, Reektby has trouble with certain invasions, even though there has only been 2 major invasions. Throughout Reektby’s life, it has luckily survived, thanks to our military. Reektby is not a military government. Reektby has atleast 2 troops working for the military currently.

Population & Culture

Reektby has currently 7 permanent citizens with 17 temporary citizens. Reektby has a census every New Years. When the country was established, in November of 2022, they counted 8 people and 13 temporary citizens. Reektby only coveres 2 hourses and porjects to invade more houses in the future for freedom of all!

Census Records
Census Population Percentage
2022 8 (24)
2023 7 (24) -0.04166%

Reektby celebrates many religions, but mostly Christian. There is an unofficial church for Reektby citizens. In 2018, the Whitby Family, as in Sir Whitby’s family joined the local church. Due to this, this is now our official religion and OUR local church.


Unilateral Recognition


Recognition of Micronations




Reektby’s recognition of states and others of unregular recognization

Reektby is commonly recognized throughout ANAM (UNEM). Reektby is also recognized by neighbors and allies. Although only gaining independence in late 2022, it is a well-known micronation (at least in New England from the UNEM).

Administrative regions

Reektby currently has 4 territories/states. The biggest being Keerann, the smallest being Busiland. Although, Sawndeers being the second smallest territory, this territory has the most people (atleast temporary), living in this state. Reektby has no direct colonies. Reektby is developing unrecognized colonies, but is still conquering. One of the first 3 regions, Zamuul, had left the country after Governor Reekes had left the micronation. Lakeside took the region’s place and made the country almost 1,000m2 bigger.

Flag Name Area Population Capital Annexed Official
None Busilaned (Buseiland) 22.5m2 0 Bak December 5, 2022 Governor Larrae
Layiksyd (Lakeside) 2,126.84m2 2 Keketigate (Reektby Capital) April 8, 2023 Governor Sheery
Sawndeers 157.27m2 2 (15 temp) Ghammerr November 12, 2022 L. Smith
Keerann 5,092.49m2 6 Jee-ogroofee November 12, 2022 Sir Whitby

Celebrations & Other

Reektby, like any other country or nation, needs a break every once in a while! Explore our different celebrations and compare and contrast! What do you think is the most interesting? Reektby created many holidays to celebrate anything you may imagine. Reektby wants to celebrate want people want and like.

National Holidays
Date Name
January 1 New Years
February 6 Hobby Day
March 17 Saint Patrick’s Day
April 1 April Thanks
April 30 Flower Day
June 7 Lucky Day
August 16 Summer Day
October 31 Halloween
November 12 Independence Day
December 2 Presidents’ Day
December 24 Religion Day

Reektby is also big on sports and nature. Reektby has an official swim team (or their local district swim team). As Sir Whitby is big on swimming, it is one of the national sports. Former President Reekes, however, enjoys baseball. Baseball is yet another national sport. Reektby has a reserve in Keerann called ‘Sir Whitby National Reserve’. Reektby’s national animal is the Woodpecker, based on how popular they are in this area of central Virginia.

Reektby has other cultured national items too. For instance, the national food is Pasta. This is the preisdent, Sir Whitby’s, favorite food to cook and eat.


Reektby is in the Piedmont region of Virginia, a region with rolling hills in central Virginia. Reektby is in a forest region. Reektby has all 4 seasons. Reektby is not a dry nor (although located near a lake) humid region. Lake Burgess is to the east.

(more soon)


Reektby War Flag