Reformed Kingdom of Secundomia

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The Reformed Kingdom of Secundomia
Coat of arms
Motto: Secundus Domus
File:Eastern Kansas, United States of America.
and largest city
Middle Secundomia City
Official languagesSlin-English (Classical), English, Secundomian
Governmentabsolute monarchy
• King
Parker I
Establishment2 August 2014
• Officially only contains Parker I census
CurrencyUSD ($)
Time zoneUTC -6
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Post-Eran Secundomia
Third Kingdom of Secundomia

The Reformed Kingdom of Secundomia also referred to as the Second Kingdom was a micronation established on 2 August 2014 which claimed heritage from the original Kingdom of Secundomia founded in 2009. On the Secundomian timeline the Second Kingdom came directly after a period of intense dormancy as Post-Eran Secundomia. The Second Kingdom anticipated to be mildly active if only on the internet or within the confines of a small group of people.