Reformed People's Republic

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Reformed People's Republic
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Flag of Reformed People's Republic
Coat of Arms of Reformed People's Republic
Coat of Arms
Motto: NL: "Onze hulp is in den Naam des HEEREN, die hemel en aarde gemaakt heeft" / HU: "A mi segítségünk az ÚR nevében van, aki teremtette az eget és a földet"
Anthem: "Geprezen zij de HEER die eeuwig leeft" (Dutch)
"Praised be the LORD who lives forever"

CapitalNoorderbos district
Largest cityZuiderbos district
Official languagesDutch, Hungarian
Ethnic groups
Dutch, Hungarians
Calvinism (100%) Official Religion
GovernmentTheocratic dictatorship
• President
Keyboard Calvinist (Nickname)
• Premier
Aaron de Witt
• Independent from the Netherlands
20 June, 2021
• Estimate
CurrencyReformation Coin
Time zoneGMT+2
Date formatD-M-Y

The Reformed People's Republic (Dutch: Gereformeerde Volksrepubliek, Hungarian: Református Népköztársaság) is an orthodox Calvinist microstate, located in a forest in the north of the Netherlands, founded on 20 June, 2021. The country is 700 meters long and max 400 meters wide and has 11 registered citizens. It is internally referred to as the Calvinist equivalent of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. This because of the strict way the Reformed People's Republic is led. The country aspires to be a homeland for Calvinists around the world, who are part of the Reformed tradition, without them living in this country. The entire territory of the Reformed People's Republic has been symbolically claimed. It is therefore not an official property of the government of the Reformed People's Republic. These symbolic claims include the mainland, the colonies and the puppet states. Due to these symbolic claims, habitation of this territory is also not possible. The citizens of the Reformed People's Republic therefore live in diaspora.

The Reformed People's Republic has citizens from 2 different countries: the Netherlands and Hungary. All citizens are practicing Calvinists, which is a requirement to become citizens. In the past, citizens also had to be members of a Calvinist church community, but this requirement was later withdrawn because any new citizens can also reside in areas where there are no Calvinist church communities.

The Reformed People's Republic is a theocratic dictatorship. It is run from a strict Calvinist perspective by a single person who holds the title of President. This person is 28-year-old Keyboard Calvinist, who is also the founder of the country. He has assumed full power and is the highest in rank of the Reformed People's Republic. Despite the fact that the country is a dictatorship, there is a lot of consultation between the President and his citizens. For example, many laws are discussed together, there is mutual consultation about land expansion and there are internal votes about forming and breaking alliances with other micronations. However, the President is the one who has the last word. If he does not approve a proposal or law, it will not go through.


The Reformed People's Republic uses a green, white and black tricolor with the coat of arms of the country in the middle. The green stands for the forest were the RPR is located. The white stands for the culture of the RPR and the black represents the sin of the people. The coat of arms is a green shield, surrounded by yellow with a white triangle and cross in the middle. The green stands of the coat of arms stands for the forest where the mainland of the RPR is located. The yellow surrounding stands for the bright future of the Reformed People's Republic and the white cross and triangle symbolizes the Christian cross and the Trinity.


The Reformed People's Republic is divided into 4 districts, each with its own name and flag. The citizens of the Reformed People's Republic do not live in these districts themselves, but do meet here regularly to perform activities such as listening to music, picnicking, walking, enjoying nature and even religious gatherings. Because the semi-country is important for the Reformed, mutual rules have been made. For example, nature must be respected, urinating in public is prohibited, no carbage may be thrown away in nature, wild camping is prohibited and music should not be played too loud. There are also minor rules such as don't run, stay on the path, don't smoke or drink alcohol and don't climb trees.


  • Noorderbos (Noorderbos is the capital and second biggest district in the mainland of the Reformed People's Republic)
  • Zuiderbos (Zuiderbos is the largest district of the mainland of the Reformed People's Republic. It is also the second most important district in the country)
  • Koningsweg (The Koningsweg (Kings Road) is the third and smallest district in the mainland of the Reformed People's Republic)
  • Daniëlsdorp (Daniëlsdorp is the 3rd largest district of the Reformed mainland. It is named after the Biblical prophet Daniel, who was thrown into a lion's den for worshiping God while it was forbidden by law. Daniëlsdorp is not much bigger than the Koningsweg and is the youngest of the 4 districts)


  • Reformed Colony of Reformed Eponia (Located near the Slovenian town of Spodnja Polskava. Until 2023, the colony was occupied by the Third Eponian Empire for over 440 days, until it was liberated by the army of the Knezdom of Pochehova after the capitulation of Eponia. Reformed Eponia consist of 1 district with Calvinsburg (Hitlersburg during the Eponian occupation) as it's capital)
  • Reformed Colony of Nikovia (Located near the Slovenian town of Spodnja Polskava and named after Jan Niekolaas, who was the grandfather of Keyboard Calvinist. After a border dispute with the Holy Eponian Empire (A predecessor state of the Third Eponian Empire), the colony, which was first named Reformed Eponia and was located on occupied Eponian territory, moved a few tens of meters to the south east. Nivokia borders Slovenia on the east and south. From the north it borders Neograd, a Ravonain governed territory, and Handia, which is a voivodeship of the Knezdom of Pochehova, and on the west it borders the Slovenk SSR, which is a soviet state of the Stravonskan Soviet Republic. Nikovia is uninhabited and has no capital)
  • Reformed Colony of Yia (Located on the territory of the former Kingdom of Yia. After the previous king of Yia abandonned his country in 2021, the country was without a government and citizens. That is why the Reformed People's Republic colonized the former kingdom in 2022. Where the Yia colony first consisted of the seperate colonies of West Yia and East Yia, the colonies have now been merged into one colony. Yia exists of 2 districts, existing of the former colonies of West and East Yia and has East Yia as it's capital district)
  • Reformed Colony of Lihohia (The Lihohia colony is the successor of the former socialist Lihohian state. The former leader dissolved his country on 5-1-2023, after which it was annexed by the Reformed People's Republic. The Reformed People's Republic is currently in a conflict with the former leader of Lihohia who reclaimed his land, which is not recognized by the Reformed People's Republic since the Calvinist state colonized Lihohia days before the former Lihohian leader reclaimed his former territory. Lihohia consists of 1 district with New Calvin as its capital)
  • John Knox Islands (The John Knox Islands, which are named after the Scottish reformer John Knox, a student of John Calvin are 2 narrow islands near the Reformed puppet state or Vogeleiland. The islands, which are located in the Dutch lake Zwarte Meer, are about 270 meters long and about 10 meters wide. The John Knox Islands are uninhabited and have no capital. The islands use the old flag of the former colony of Nulug as it's colonial flag)
  • Calvin Strip (A strip of land 30 meters long and 3 meters wide that was donated to the Reformed People's Republic by the Stravonskan Soviet Republic in 2022. Until late 2023, this piece of land was forgotten, but President Keyboard Calvinist officially made the piece of land part of the Reformed People's Republic. The strip is named after John Calvin, the Calvinist church reformer who is highly respected in the Reformed People's Republic and its colonies. The strip of land has no capital and is uninhabited)

Puppet states

  • Republic of Kerkerland (Located up north of the Reformed People's Republic. Only a single cycling road separates the 2 countries)
  • Bethel Republic (Located up north of the Republic of Kerkerland. Only a single road separates the 2 puppet states)
  • Republic of Vogeleiland (Located on an island about 20 minutes from the Reformed mainland. The entire island is inhabited by different species of birds. Because of this, no people are allowed to live here. The puppet state has no capital)

Former territories


The Reformed People's Republic has no religious freedom. The only permitted religion is Calvinism. All citizens of the Reformed People's Republic follow this religion. The Reformed constitution states that citizens must have as strict and orthodox faith as possible if they want to become Reformed citizens. Profession of a faith other than Calvinism is strictly prohibited in the Reformed People's Republic. However, there are also rules governing how Calvinist citizens should profess their faith. For example, they are only allowed to read the traditional Bible translation, they must attend Reformed church services as often as possible (dressed in black or other reverent dark clothing) and they are only allowed to sing Christian songs accompanied by the organ.

In the Reformed People's Republic the Christian Reformed Church is the biggest movement with 6 followers. But the Hungarian Reformed Church (3 followers), the Netherlands Reformed Church (1 follower), the Protestant Church in the Netherlands (1 follower) are also represented. To become a Reformed citizen, you must be a practicing Calvinist. It is not possible to become citizen while not being a practicing Calvinist. People who are not Calvinist are welcome to visit the country, but they are prohibbited to practice their religion once they cross the border.


Reformed People's Republic - Eva Braun Empire war

The Reformed People's Republic - Eva Braun Empire War was the first political conflict in which the Reformed People's Republic became involved. The conflict began with a denoucing of the Reformed People's Republic to the Eva Braun Empire. They had founded their own Christian based cult with Eva Braun, the wife of the German dictator Adolf Hitler, as the center of the church. President Keyboard Calvinist told kaiser Luke Braun, the leader of the Eva Braun Empire, that this church was heretical, unbiblical and that it had nothing to do with real Christianity. President Keyboard Calvinist therefore thought that the Eva Braun Empire should disband this church. In response, the Eva Braun Empire declared war on the Reformed People's Republic on November 5, 2021 for calling the Eva Braun faith false and heretical, thereby insulting their religion. However, Keyboard Calvinist felt that his country was not in danger and therefore indicated that his country would not take any action in this war. Apart from 2 failed spam raids by the Eva Braun Empire on the YouTube channel of the Reformed People's Republic, no (digital) attacks were carried out. On November 11, 2021, 6 days after the Eva Braun Empire declared war, Kaiser Luke Braun withdrew his country from the war, thereby giving in. President Keyboard Calvinist declared November 11 Lazy Victory Day, the day the Reformed People's Republic won the war against the Evan Braun Empire without taking any action. This victory is also an annual official holiday in the Reformed People's Republic from 2021.

Eponian occupation of Reformed Eponia

The Eponian occupation of Reformed Eponia is a conflict that started on May 8, 2022, and continued until July 27, 2023. The conflict started a few days earlier after Etien Blazic, the (former) leader of the Greater Eponian Empire decided to leave his country disolves. The Reformed People's Republic, the Stravonskan Soviet Republic, the Pochehovan Socialist Federation and Ravonia then decided to divide Eponia. A few days later, word came that Etien Blazic wanted to reclaim his land. This was refused by the aforementioned countries. As a result, Blazic over the phone declared war on Eponia's arch-rival Pochehova, occupying divided Eponia. Where in the beginning only the Reformed People's Republic, Stravonska, Pochehova and Ravonia were at war with Eponia, more and more micronations joined this conflict, all on the side of the 4 aforementioned countries. These micronations had no further part in the war against Eponia, and only joined because others did too. Some declared war on Eponia, and declared their support for the coalition, not knowing what this whole conflict was about. Multiple battles took place against Eponia, all fought by Pochehova, who fought on behalf of the entire coalition. Battles were planned several times, but each time Blazic came up with an excuse not to fight, which only prolonged the war. This has happened more than 15 times. After 445 days of Eponian occupation, Eponia finally capitulated to the Pochehovan forces, ending the war. Etien Blazic signed the treaty that made Eponia capitulate in the presence of the Marshall of Pochehova. After the signing of the treaty, the longest war in Reformed history finally came to an end, and Reformed Eponia was finally back in the hands of the Reformed People's Republic. The rest of Eponia was also broken up and returned under full control of the Reformed People's Republic-Stravonska-Pochehova-Ravonia coalition.

War declaration by Bedfordia

On 14 October, 2023, the Republic of Bedfordia, nowadays known as the Kingdom of Buck, declared war on the Reformed People's Republic. A simple misunderstanding of the Reformed People's Republic infuriated the Bedfordian president, which made him decide to declare war on the Calvinist state. President Keyboard Calvinist responded provocatively by advising the Bedfordian president to "Maybe do something with aggression therapy." Exactly 24 hours after Bedfordia's declaration of war, nothing had happened yet and Keyboard Calvinist began challenging Bedfordia by giving them 24 more hours. If Bedfordia did not carry out any attacks at that time, the Reformed People's Republic would declare victory over Bedfordia. However, Bedfordia did not respond to this and did not carry out any further attacks, causing Keyboard Calvinist to declare victory. According to Keyboard Calvinist, Bedfordia has made itself a laughing stock by declaring war, but taking no further action, giving them "more words than deeds". Bedfordia never responded to the victory declaration.


The official calendar in the Reformed People's Republic is the Calvinus calendar. This calendar was created and introduced by President Keyboard Calvinist in the year 2023. The calendar has been changed once. The calendar originally started with the birth of Keyboard Calvinist in 1995, but the start date was soon adjusted to the year 1509, the birthyear of John Calvin. Since the Calvinus calendar begins with the birth of Calvin on 10 July, 1509, the year 1509 is year 0. Every 1 January, the calendar goes up by 1 year, which means that year 1 only begins in 1510, 6 months after the birth of Calvin. According to the idea of the Calvinus calendar, the calendar changes year on 1 January, but the new year only really starts on 10 July. Despite this, the period between 1 January and 10 July is included in the new year. The calendar does not use the months January to December. Instead, "month 1" to "month 12" is used. The days Sunday to Saturday are also not used. Instead, "day 1" to "day 7" is used (Example: The founding day of the Reformed People's Republic is described as "day 22, month 6, year 512").



The largest source of news in the Reformed People's Republic comes from the online state newspaper Reformed State News. This newspaper places separate news articles on Youtube and the RSN website whenever there is news that the Reformed People's Republic wants to share with the outside world. Reformed State News is also the only national media within the Reformed People's Republic.


In the Reformed People's Republic there is little or no freedom of music. Since 2022 it is forbidden to listen to modern music on Reformed territory. However, this does not apply outside the Reformed territory. Many Reformed citizens take advantage of this by listening to modern music outside their country's territory.

The most appreciated music is Calvinist organ music. This is the most neutral music style within the Reformed People's Republic, as it is the music of the faith that every citizen identifies with. Modern songs/meme songs played on the organ are also popular, as this is allowed by a loophole in music law in the Reformed People's Republic. The Reformed President accepts this loophole, since organ music is listened to in this way.

The only music that is forbidden for every citizen is pentecostal worship music. According to the citizens of the Reformed People's Republic, this is music that is too liberal and does not fit the orthodox Calvinist state that the citizens of the Reformed People's Republic want to create. That is why this music style is avoided at all times.


The official currency of Reformed People's Republic is the Reformation Coin. This is the official currency in the Reformed mainland, the puppet states and all Reformed colonies. The Reformation Coin works differently from the usual currencies, as it is a points system. Every Reformed citizen is credited with 50 points per week as standard. This allows the Reformed to spend in the Reformed People's Republic. After each spend, the points paid are automatically debited, so that you do not have to contribute physical money or a debit card. Every Monday the Reformed get 50 new points credited to their name. The points that remain from the week before are carried over to the new week, so that a Reformed can have extra to spend. It is not possible to get extra points than the standard 50 per week.

For micronational foreigners, a standard of 5 points per hour applies. There was some confusion about this when the points system was announced because it would seem that foreigners would then have more to spend because they would receive 5 points per hour. But because micronational foreigners never stay in the Reformed People's Republic for more than an hour, every foreigner has a standard 5 points that they can spend. As an additional rule, it has been decided that the points of every non Reformed will be reset as soon as they cross the border again and leave the Reformed territory. If a foreigner then re-enters the Reformed territory, he or she starts again at 5 points. In case of abuse, the points will not be reset.


The Reformed People's Republic follows the Calvinist ideology. This ideology was devised by President Keyboard Calvinist and is inspired by the North Korean Juche ideology. The Calvinist ideology is therefore a left-wing ideology. However, it has nothing to do with communism or socialism.

In the Calvinist ideology (just as in the Juche ideology) 3 persons are central: God, John Calvin and President Keyboard Calvinist. God because the ideology is a Christian ideology, John Calvin because he is the founder of the Calvinist faith, and Keyboard Calvinist because he is the creator of the leftist Calvinist ideology.

The ideology stands for learning much about Calvinism as a faith, living an orthodox Calvinist life, living the Bible as strictly as possible (in the most literal sense), following the teachings of John Calvin, accepting God as the LORD of this world and Jesus Christ as the Son of God and turning yourself away from the current-non-Calvinist society.


Date Name Notes
January 1 New Year Start of the new year.
March 31 Day of Datheen Day to remember the life and works of Petrus Datheen.
April 15 Good Friday Commemoration of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
April 17 Easter Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
May 26 Ascension Day The day Jesus Christ ascended to heaven.
June 5 Pentecost Outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
June 20 Independence Day Foundation of the Reformed People's Republic.
July 10 John Calvin Day Birthday of John Calvin, founder of the Calvinist faith.
August 4 Day of the Glorious President Birthday of Keyboard Calvinist, founder and Eternal President of the Reformed People's Republic.
August 5 Foundation of the Reformed People's Army Foundation of the Reformed army.
September 19 Colony Day Day to celebrate the foundation of the first Reformed colony.
October 31 Reformation Day Day to celebrate the Protestant Reformation.
November 11 Lazy Victory Day Day when the Reformed People's Republic won the cold war against the Eva Braun Multiethnic Empire, without taking any action.
December 25 Christmas Birth of Jesus Christ.

Holidays related to the Christian faith are celebrated in a sober way in the Reformed People's Republic. This is after the example of John Calvin, who celebrated Christian days such as Christmas, Easter, Ascension Day and Pentecost in a simple and orthodox way. For example, during these days there is a lot of singing to the glory of God and the Reformed visit church services. During national holidays such as Day of the Glorious President, Independence Day or Reformation Day, people celebrate more exuberantly. For example, people come together via Discord and listen to music together, play games and watch films and series. Sometimes the national anthem of the Reformed People's Republic is played beforehand, after which the partying starts. Online parties almost always take place at the end of the evening and then end in the middle of the night. There are public holidays in the Reformed People's Republic that do not have a fixed date (think of days such as Easter, Good Friday and Pentecost). This is because the calendar used by the Western world works slightly differently than the Jewish calendar. This also applies to the calendar used by the Reformed People's Republic (Calendar of the Great Reformer).


Recognized by the Reformed People's Republic but not by the UN

Not recognized by the Reformed People's Republic

  •  South Korea (Not recognized because the Reformed People's Republic sees the Democratic People's Republic of Korea as the only true Korea)
  •  State of Palestine (Not recognized because the Reformed People's Republic recognizes Israel as the land promised by God to the people of Israel)
  • Chinese Taipei (Not recognized because the Reformed People's Republic sees Chinese Taipei as a renegade province of the People's Republic of China)
  •  Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
  •  Turkey (The Reformed People's Republic believes that Turkey is responsible for the Armenian Genocide in 1915. However, Turkey has always denied this. For this reason, the Reformed People's Republic has decided not to recognize Turkey until the Turkish government recognizes the genocide)
  •  Kosovo (Not recognized because the Reformed People's Republic sees Kosovo as a part of Serbia)
  •  Azerbaijan (Not recognized because of the hostile history and many wars against Armenia and Artsakh)
  •  United States (Not recognized because the United States is seen by the Reformed People's Republic as an imperialist country whose only goal is to have as much power as possible in the world and invades sovereign countries just to spread their influence there. The United States is seen by the Reformed People's Republic as the true axis of evil)


Forgein Affairs

The Reformed People's Republic has strict rules for their foreign policy. For example, only micronations are recognized if the head of state is at least 17 years old. However, this does not apply to the micronations that already had diplomatic ties with the Reformed People's Republic before the introduction of this rule. In addition, it is only possible for micronations to enter into an alliance with the Reformed People's Republic if the head of state of the relevant micronation is at least 18 years old. This also does not apply to the micronations that already have an alliance with the Reformed People's Republic.

There are some requirements to be recognized by the Reformed People's Republic. For example, the micronation in question must have physical territory and there must be a serious population. A micronation that claims an entire residential area, city or territory of other countries and its population is not recognized. However, micronations are recognized that claim uninhabited territory (such as forests, parks, abandoned houses, etc.). Even traveling homes like tents, campers, caravans and even cars are recognized as territory (this is also the case in the RPR where the President's car is considered moving territory). Areas considered disputed by the United Nations, and uninhabited islands and the continent of Antarctica are also not recognized when claimed by a micronation. Micronations that claim the same territory as the RPR are also not recognized.