Reichskommissariat Dilu (Ballinfoyleburg)

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Reichskommissariat Dilu
Ballinfoylish Dilu at its greatest extent.
Ballinfoylish Dilu at its greatest extent.
Flag of Reichskommissariat Dilu
Ballinfoylish Dilu
"For the Commonwealth, down with Mckeen!"
Anthem: National Anthem of the Commonwealth of Ballinfoyleburg
Country Ballinfoyleburg
Founded22 September 2022
 • TypeReichskommissariat of Ballinfoyleburg
 • President of the CommonwealthLudwig Collins
 • Reichskommissar of DiluMay Collins
 • Total1 (part time)

Reichskommissariat Dilu (English: Imperial Commissariat Dilu) more commonly known as Ballinfoylish Dilu or just Dilu was a Reichskommissariat of the Commonwealth of Ballinfoyleburg, administering the former Ballinfoylish portion of the Island of Dilu, which was located in the US state of Massachusetts. The Reichskommissariat was headed by the Reichskommissar of Dilu.


The territory was created on 22 September 2022, when Ludwig Collins purchased Jacobs Dilu from its owner, Protector Thomas Jacobs, for the sum of €5, later changed to one flat cap worth 10 euros. It was later dissolved at the first Dilu Conference on 16 February 2023.