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Repubblic of Lumenaria
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"Per aspera ad astra" (throught the difficoulties we can reach the stars)
Lingua(e) Ufficiale(i)Italiano
DenominazioneLumenarensian or Lumenarian
GovernoSemiparlamentarian Republic
- President of the RepublicSimone Acquasanta
- President of the Council of MinistersMirko YuriDonato
- Tipo - Unicameral
- Numero dei Seggi - 9
- Ultima Elezione - 5rd March 2023
Formazione4th February 2020
Fuso OrarioUTC+1

The Republic of Lumenaria is a no-land Italian-speaking virtual micronation founded in February the 4th of 2020 on the social network Telegram. Besides groups and channels on Telegram the micronation has its own website.

Order of the Republic

The Constitution is the fundamental law of the Republic of Lumenaria, it consists of 43 articles divided in four sections: Fundamental Principles, Order of the Republic, Constitutional Guarantees, State Symbols.

The Senate is the legislative body, voted from the electoral body (that consists of all the citizens with non revoked political and civil rights, according to cases of law) every 60 days.

The Senate is made of 9 members and elects the President and the Vice President of The Senate.

The President of The Republic is elected by the Senate every 80 days, is the highest authority of the State, and starts the Senate and the Council of Ministers . The President of the Republic can’t be elected for more than 3 consecutive terms.  

The Council of Ministers is headed by The President of the Council or Prime Minister, who is elected by the Electoral Body every 60 days. When elected, the Prime Minister presents his government to the Senate for the confidence vote. Only with the vote of confidence the President of the Council enters in his functions. The President of the Council can’t be elected for more than 2 consecutive terms.

The Judiciary deals with administering justice and it’s formed by judges appointed by the Minister of The Law with a public contest. Judges exercise their power in the name of the law and cooperate with the Police.


The Republic of Lumenaria was founded on February the 4th of 2020 by Filippo Zanardi and Simone Salvatori with the name Republic of Atlantis. In its first days of life the Republic had a phase called as Consulate in which all the power was in the hands of the Consul, the first and the only one Consul of this period was Zanardi. During the Consulate the Senate existed but had no power. After a popular referendum in February the 10th of 2020, the name was changed in “Republic of Lumenaria”, the 25th of February of the same year was promulgated the Lumenarian Constitution, is substitution of the old Atlantic Constitution. After the Consulate the first democratic elections were called, on the 3rd of March 2020, where Andrea Pavolini was elected as the first President of the Council and Filippo Zanardi the first President of the Lumenarian Republic.

Salvatore Giordano is the longest President of the Council, with 4 governments.

The First Republic

This period that goes from the foundation to the first days of September 2020, the Republic of Lumenaria faced the first challenges and started to make a name in the leonensian micronations panorama. Different governments followed each other, Pavolini I and II, Spinelli, Berini and Giordano I, who made different cultural projects and a big reform to the Penal Code. Around May two spies from RFL entered in Lumenaria but they didn’t succeed to make damages and subtract vital information. At the beginning of the summer Lumenaria started to open up to foreign extra-leonensian policy and undertook relationships with other micronations, like, for example, the Kingdom of Elendor.

In this period there wasn’t political united forces, the Senate was composed only by independents and only at the end of August we can distinguish two wings, the pro-giordanian and the pro-zanardian.

The Second Republic

The second-republican phase can be started with the election of Vittorio Canovi as President of the Republic, after Filippo Zanardi’s resignation in the first days of September 2020. In this period, we can see a complete maturation on the cultural-political level, The Lumenarian Neoaragonasian Party (then became Lumenarian Republican Party) followed by Lumenarian Alternative and other secondary parties, like the Neocratic Party, were born. A big change came in the first days of the 2021 when Gianmarco Rubino, an old ex Castaborian, was elected as President of the Council of Ministers. With Rubino, the Constitution was modified and changed the role of the President of the Council of Ministers, more important like a “real Premier”. After Rubino, with Gianfranco’s government it was established the structure prior the reform, and added the Constitutional law, and the President of the Republic became a guarantor like today.

Governments and Politics

Presidents of the Council of Ministers

Government Settlment End of mandate Duration Notes
1 Zanardi (Consulate) 4 February 2020 11 February 2020 7 days
2 Pavolini I 16 February 2020 3 March 2020 69 days
3 Pavolini II 3 March 2020 25 April 2020
4 Spinelli 25 April 2020 27 April 2020 2 days
5 Berini 27 April 2020 1 July 2020 65 days
6 Giordano I 1 July 2020 1 September 2020 187 days
7 Giordano II 1 September 2020 6 November 2020
8 Giordano III 6 November 2020 4 January 2021
9 Rubino 4 January 2021 4 March 2021 59 days
10 Gianfranco 4 March 2021 3 May 2021 60 days
11 Giordano IV 3 May 2021 1 July 2021 59 days
12 Scognamiglio I 1 July 2021 5 August 2021 35 days
13 Lanfredi I 5 August 2021 28 August 2021 23 days
14 Scognamiglio II 28 August 2021 4 November 2021 68 days
15 Lanfredi II 4 November 2021 5 January 2022 62 days
16 Testa I 5 January 2022 6 March 2022 60 days
17 Sciortino 6 March 2022 11 April 2022 36 days
18 Zaccaria 11 April 2022 10 June 2022 60 days
19 Testa II 13 June 2022 9 July 2022 26 days
20 Zanardi I 9 July 2022 14 September 2022 67 days
21 Zanardi II 14 September 2022 15 November 2022
22 Sozzi I 15 November 17 January 2023 63 days
23 Zanardi III 17 January 24th March 66 days
24 Donato 24 March in charge

Presidents of the Republic

Name Settlment End of mandate Duration Notes
I Filippo Zanardi 11 February 2020 4 Settembre 2020 206 days
II Vittorio Canovi 4 September 2020 8 Dicembre 2020 95 days
III Andrea Pavolini 8th Dicember 2020 6 Gennaio 2021 29 days Andrea Pavolini was impeached for trying to organize a coup.
IV Giuseppe Zeffirelli 21 January 2021 3 Luglio 2021 163 days
V Salvatore Giordano 3 July 2021 23 Agosto 2021 51 days
VI Riccardo Furlan 23 August 2021 3 Febbraio 2022 164 days
VII Francesco Sozzi 3 February 2022 21 Ottobre 2022 260 days
VIII Tobia Testa 21 October 2022 9 January 2023 80 days
IX Simone Acqusanta 9 January 2023 in charge

Presidents of the Senate

Legislature President of the Senate Start of legislature End of legislature Duration Notes
I Andrea Pavolini 6 February 2020 4 March 2020 27 days
II 4 March 2020 13 April 2020 40 day
III Francesco Gianfranco 13 April 2020 25 April 2020 12 days
IV 25 April 2020 24 June 2020 59 days
V Riccardo Furlan 24 June 2020 24 August 2020 61 days
VI 24 August 2020 28 October 2020 65 days
VII Filippo Zanardi 28th Ottobre 2020 29th Dicember 2020 62 days
VIII Matias Menabue - Riccardo Furlan 29 Dicembre 2020 4 March 2021 65 days Matias Menabue resigned because he was an organizer of the coup with Pavolini.
IX Francesco Scognamiglio 4 March 2021 28 April 2021 55 days
X Davide Vernelli 28 April 2021 27 June 2021 60 days
XI 27 June 2021 27 August 2021 61 days
XII Filippo Zanardi 27 August 2021 3 November 2021 68 days
XIII 3 November 2021 3 January 2022 61 days
XIV Salvatore Giordano 4 January 2022 9 February 2022 36 days
XV Simone Acquasanta 13 February 2022 15 April 2022 62 days
XVI Francesco Scognamiglio 17 April 2022 25 April 2022 10 days The Senatory elections of the14th 15th of april were canceled by the Council of the state (constitutional court) with the Order 2/22
XVII Francesco Scognamiglio 1 May 2022 2 July 2022 63 days
XVIII 4 July 2022 5 September 2022 63 days
XIX 9 September 2022 8 November 2022 60 days
XX Giulio Valerio Orlando - Gianmarco Rubino 9 November 2022 14 January 2023 66 days Giulio Valerio Orlando resigned for conflict of intersts, they were nominated Ministry of Justice.
XXI Filippo Zanardi - 14 January 2023 7 March


53 days
XXII Davide Sciortino 7 March


In Charge


Lumenaria has got The Lumenarian State Library where there are more then 130 literacy artworks produced by citiziens. Besides that, there is an Audio library, where there are arcghiviated all the transmissions podcast or radio of Lumenaria and all the Leonidia, and a Meme Library, where there is a collection of meme produced by the Lumenarian community and the Leonensian Cultural Centre where are archived all the litherature artworks, from the starts of the Leonidia to today.