Republic of Agrova

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Agrova Democratic People's Republic
Republica Popular Democratic Del Agrova (Interlingua)

República Popular Democrática De Agrova (Spanish)

Народна-Дэмакратычная Рэспубліка Агрова (Belarusian)
Flag of Republic of Agrova
Coat of arms of Republic of Agrova
Coat of arms
Motto: "Для добрага агульнага" (Belarusian)
For the good common
Anthem: "Gloria a Agrova"
and largest City
Agrova city
Official languagesInterlingua
Recognised national languages
Recognised regional languagesIndigenous Languages ​​of Mexico
Other languagesBelarusian, Esperanto
GovernmentPresidential Republic, Dictatorship Governed by a single political party
• President
Jesús Hernández
LegislatureGovernamento De Agrova
Sovereign state
• Declaration of independence
CurrencyValor ($)
Time zoneUTC−05:00 (Eastern Time Zone)

The Democratic People's Republic Of Agrova (DPRA) Is A Virtual Micronation That Claims Its Sovereignty, It Is Not So Socialist And Is Just A Parody Of The Nations That Were Socialist



Spanish and Interlingue are two national languages ​​of the Republic of Agrova.


Scrambled Eggs Is Agrova's National Food.