Republic of Amberiana

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Republic of Amberiana
Flag of Amberiana
Motto: Reform or Revolt
and largest city
Amberiana City
Official languagesNone
  • 33% Unknown
  • Independent
• President
LegislatureRABA (Republic of Amberiana Board of Advisors)
Independence from the United States
• Foundation of Republic of Amberiana
13 March 2023
• Dissolution of Republic of Amberiana
27 April 2023
• Total
90.386 km2 (34.898 sq mi)
HDI (2023)0.707
CurrencyUnited States Dollar (USD)
Time zoneEST
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Drives on theright

Amberiana, officially the Republic of Amberiana, was a micronation located in Toledo, Ohio, in North America. Amberiana was founded on 13 March 2023, by President Amber, and was dissolved on 27 April 2023.


The Republic of Amberiana had quite a bit of history, despite the nation's relatively young age. The area in which most of Amberiana resided in also has a considerable amount of history.

Amberiana had been through many reformations, with the republic being the 5th instance of Amberiana.

The Unholy City of Amberiana was the first attempt at micronationalism by the president, being founded on the 23rd of June, 2022. This nation was founded with 3 policies in mind. The first, and the whole reason why the nation collapsed, being that religion was not allowed under any circumstances. Religion could not be penalized, but you could not be a citizen if you were religious. This caused issues for obvious reasons, and eventually President Amber saw the error in this. She would eventually choose to dissolve the unholy city, and think more about what she wanted to do in terms of micronationalism.

The Kingdom of Amberiana was the second attempt by President Amber at micronationalism. This quickly failed, as she had put no thought or effort into the kingdom. This kept the nation from growing. Amber eventually felt as though micronationalism was pointless, and dissolved the kingdom.

Within the next few days after the Kingdom of Amberiana collapsed, Amber was telling her former ally, Christopher P. of Cristoria, how hard she felt micronationalism was. Hearing about Amber's hardships with her former micronations, Christopher gave her some tips, and some encouragement. This inspired her to form the Empire of Amberiana. The empire was short lived, however. This was due to some emotional hardships and mental instability in Amber's life, which caused her to spiral out of control and dissolve her nation.

7 days after the fall of the empire, Amber wanted to try again, so she did. This next attempt was "going to be her last" according to a conversation between her and the leader of Cristoria. The next attempt at micronationalism was the Second Empire of Amberiana. After the founding of the second empire, Amber promised herself that she would involve herself more in micronationalism, which she did. In the course of the next few months, she joined Syndicate Nations of Prosperity (SNOP) and participated in the Second War on Gorthalism and Operation Blazing Glory. Though the Second War on Gorthalism ended in a draw, with a treaty being signed between the two sides of the war, the empress never signed the treaty, as she was never given a chance to. This means that, because of the lack of signature by the empress, the Second Empire of Amberiana was still at war with Gorthia. This war still came to a conclusive end though, as the second empire eventually fell, and a new nation was formed.

However, despite the success of the second empire, Amber felt as though monarchism no longer fell under her ideas. This, as well as seeing the decrease of monarchies in micronationalism, influenced her to go from being a monarchy to being a democracy. This democracy, founded on the 13th of March, 2023, was called the Republic of Amberiana. With the republic having been fairly new, it had very little history. The republic would go on to dissolve just over a month after its foundation.


The Republic of Amberiana had four districts. Those districts were Amberiana City, New Lambertville, District of Luna, and Whitetrail.

Amberiana City was the first district to be admitted into Amberiana, and was admitted during the time of the unholy city. The name was originally just "Amberiana" until it was changed during the time of the second empire. This change was made to reduce confusion on civil and government documents, as Amberiana was no longer the only district in the nation.

New Lambertville was the second district to be admitted into Amberiana, and was admitted during the time of the empire. New Lambertville was the first district to have a capital, and was also the first to have territory in both Michigan and Ohio. This, however, was soon made redundant, as every district in Amberiana had at least some territory in Michigan and Ohio by the time of the collapse of Amberiana.

District of Luna, or Luna for short, was the third district to be admitted into Amberiana, and was admitted during the time of the republic. Luna was the largest district, and was the district with the most sea access and water. Luna was created for the purpose of giving Amberiana more access to lake Erie, while also not pushing farther into Toledo to get to the Maumee River, as a majority of this land had been claimed already. It was named after a location in the territory, called "Luna Pier."

Whitetrail was the fourth district to be admitted into Amberiana, and was admitted during the time of the republic. Whitetrail was created for the purpose of closing the gap between Luna and New Lambertville. Before the establishment of Whitetrail, New Lambertville was an enclave surrounded by Michigan and Ohio, and was separate from the rest of Amberiana.

Flag Name Leader Capital Establishment Notes Size
Amberiana City President Amber None 13 March 2023 The capital and first district/city of Amberiana. 10.04 km²
New Lambertville Governor Amber Sylvania City 13 March 2023 The second district of Amberiana, and the first to have an official capital. 16.34 km²
District of Luna Governor Amber Luna Pier 26 March 2023 The third district of Amberiana. Also the largest district and the one with the most water. 43.38 km²
Whitetrail Governor Amber Hopewell Heights 27 March 2023 The fourth district of Amberiana. Created to close the gap between the District of Luna and New Lambertville. 20.64 km²
N/A None N/A N/A N/A

Capital City

The capital of Amberiana, Amberiana City, contained most of the government buildings in the nation. It was also the first city in Amberiana. For 4 months after the founding of the nation, it was the only city in Amberiana. This was until New Lambertville was founded.

This capital city had been the capital of every previous Amberianan nation. The name has been changed once, from Amberiana to Amberiana City. This change was made to avoid confusion on both government and civil documents after it was no longer the only district in Amberiana that was getting attention from the government.

National Symbols

National Animal

The national animal of Amberiana was the American House Cat. This was due to the large population of cats in Amberiana City. There were 2 presidential cats, Feenie, and Toast. But there were dozens of cats in the capital city.

National Drink

The national drink of Amberiana was a vanilla latte. This was due to the founder of the nation preferring this drink over most.

National Dish

The national dish of Amberiana was steak with a side of French fries. This was due to the founder's love for the dish, which was inspired by her late grandfather, who also loved it.

Flag of Amberiana

The flag of Amberiana was a simple one. It consisted of two colors, and three rows. The top and bottom rows consisted of a dark navy blue color. This color was to represent the sea, and Amberiana's connection to the water. The middle row consisted of a purple color. This color was to represent the Amberiana Founder's Party. Or, more specifically, the founder of Amberiana, President Amber.

National Holidays

Name Date Notes
New Year's Day January 1(Gregorian Calendar)/January 1(Amberianan Calendar) The first day of the year.
MLK Day January 16 (Gregorian Calendar)/January 16(Amberianan Calendar) Dedicated to celebrating the life of Martin Luther King Jr.
Valentine's Day February 14(Gregorian Calendar)/February 16(Amberianan Calendar) A day to celebrate love. Both platonic and romantic.
Black History Month February 1-28(Gregorian Calendar)/February 1-28(Amberianan Calendar) Commemoration of the struggles of the fight for black people's rights across the world.
Women's History Month March 1-31(Gregorian Calendar)/March 1-28(Amberianan Calendar) Celebration of women and the fight for women's rights across the world.
Founder's Day 1 May (Gregorian Calendar)/May 8 (Amberianan Calendar) The birthday of the founder of Amberiana, Amber.
Ramadan Depends on the year. A month of fasting, celebrated by Islam.
Hanukkah Depends on the year. A day celebrated by the Jewish to celebrate the recapture of Jerusalem and rededication of the temple there.
Christmas December 25 (Gregorian Calendar)/Luna 22 (Amberianan Calendar) Traditional commemoration of Jesus Christ's birthday.
New Year's Eve December 31 (Gregorian Calendar)/Luna 28 (Amberianan Calendar) The final day of the year.
Armistice Day November 11 (Gregorian Calendar)/December 6 (Amberianan Calendar) A day to celebrate the lives of the soldiers who fought in World War 1.
Juneteenth June 19 (Gregorian Calendar)/July 1 (Amberianan Calendar) A day to celebrate the abolishment of slavery in the United States.
Mother's Day May 14 (Gregorian Calendar)/May 21 (Amberianan Calendar) A day to celebrate the mothers of the world.
Father's Day June 18 (Gregorian Calendar)/June 28 (Amberianan Calendar) A day to celebrate the fathers of the world
Pride Month June 1-30 (Gregorian Calendar)/June 1-28 (Amberianan Calendar) A month to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and the movement for LGBTQ+ rights.
Savior's Day June 16 (Gregorian Calendar)/June 26 (Amberianan Calendar) A day to celebrate the life of the founder's grandfather, who fought in the Vietnam War.
Pets Day Feb 2 (Gregorian Calendar)/Feb 4 (Amberianan Calendar) A day to celebrate pets and all they do for their owners.
Independence Day June 23 (Gregorian Calendar)/July 5 (Amberianan Calendar) The day Amberiana declared independence from the United States.
Republic Day March 13 (Gregorian Calendar)/March 15 (Amberianan Calendar) A day to celebrate the foundation of the republic.

Foreign Relations

Amberiana was a relatively unknown nation, with very few nations having recognized them, or even heard of them.

Amberiana recognized the following countries:

Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon

Principality of Sealand

Republic of China

Republic of Korea

Republic of Orlek

Republic of Polstowia

Socialist Republic of Cristoria

Socialist Republic of Hoku

State of Israel

State of Palestine

Any members of SNOP

Any members of NPPU

Amberiana condemned the following countries:

Democratic People's Republic of Korea[a]

Kingdom of Huntia[b]

People's Republic of China[c]

Russian Federation[d]

United Socialist Republics[e]


The Republic of Amberiana had 5 military branches. Those were the army, navy, air force, special forces, and espionage.


The Army of the Republic of Amberiana (ARA) had 7 divisions, 6 of which were dog divisions. The only other division was used for fighting, but had not been used by the time of Amberiana's dissolution..


The Navy of the Republic of Amberiana (NRA) had no divisions, and was mostly used for research. There was no coast guard, as it was part of the ARN.

Air Force

The Amberianan Air Force (AAF) had 1 division, which was not used, unless for the purpose of travel or fighting. It had only been used once at the time of Amberiana's dissolution.

Special Forces

The Amberianan Special Forces (ASF) had 1 division, which was used for rescue missions and cybersecurity/cyberwarfare.


The Spy Force of Amberiana(SFA) was not allowed to release any information other than its existence. It was a closed off branch that only let the most trusted individuals into the program.


  1. Totalitarian regime; Human rights violations.
  2. Due to the attacks against Cristoria.
  3. Human rights violations; Refusal to accept Taiwan as an independent state.
  4. Human rights violations; Unjust and unprovoked attack on Ukraine; Using terrorist practices to further their progress in Ukraine.
  5. Deep rooted Nazism in the government; Human rights violations.