Republic of Arazania

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The Republic of Arazania, also known as Arazania, is a micronation located in North America, bordered by California, US. Arazania was founded on 11/13/21, with the official languages as Kaetan English and English. Most Arazanians are christian, and half of the population lives in Talay, the capital city.

Republic of Arazania
Flag of Arazania

Anthem"Death, death, death, death."
Located in North America
Capital city Taray
Largest city Taray
Official language(s) Kaetan English, English
Official religion(s) Christian
Short name Arazania
Demonym Arazanian
Government President
- President Madison J. Prieto
Legislature Government
Established 2021
Area claimed 1 km²
Population 27 (as of 2021 census)
Currency American Dollar
Time zone Pacific
National sport International Stab-Stab


National animal Raven
This nation is a member of the Northern Alliance