Republic of Asafa

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Arafanese Republic
Flag of Republic of Asafa
Coat of arms of Republic of Asafa
Coat of arms
Official languagesMalay
National languageArabic
Organizational structureUnitary
assembly independent republic[1] under a dictatorship
Muhammad Luqman
Establishment9 July 2022
Time zoneUTC+8 (Asafa Standard Time)

The Republic of Asafa, officially Asafanese Republic is a micronation that claims the bedroom as its official property. It is absolutely not recognized by any country or government. Its is founded by Muhammad Luqman. It is known for its laws against wearing any related to cross, mumble rap, placing your feet (or foot) on the dashboard of a vehicle and Jews are not allowed and prohibited.

Asafa was established when he leader has an inspiration from tour video of the micronation of Molossia, who the leader of that nation (Kevin Baugh) wants to liberate there country without anyone controlled it. So, Muhammad Luqman, the leader of AHP, make his own nation, Republic of Asafa or Asafanese republic. The nations will be govern by prime minister as head of state and head of government. The government was an unitary assembly independent republic under a dictatorship. The nation was founded in 9 July 2022.[2]

Political parties

Al-Hilal[3](Arabic: الهلال‎, romanized: Al-Hilāl, the land of the Crescent Moon)[4] is a Sunni Islamist political party and non-fundemental group,[5][6] led since 2022 by its Chairman Muhammad Luqman. This political party has no legislative power and free speech also there is no national election and speech.

Logo Name Party Leader Spectrum Ideologies
Al-Hilal Party AHP Muhammad Luqman Islamic socialism Sunni Islamism, non-fundemental group,

Religious, Nationalism


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