Republic of Asteria

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Republic of Asteria
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Coat of Arms
Motto: The Beyond, Humanity, Equality, Nation
and largest city
Dan City
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentPresidential republic
• President
Dan Victor Patthason
• Claims
8 September 2022
• Independence
22 September 2022
• Total
120,177 km2 (46,401 sq mi)
• Estimate
CurrencyAsteria Dollar
Time zoneGMT-10

Republic of Asteria is micronation that claimed on North Pacific Ocean.


Republic of Asteria forms a provisional government on 8 September 2022 by Dan Victor Patthason with claimed on the North Pacific Ocean. At 39°13'15"N 167°36'40"W. Total area is 78,499,151,329 square kilometers with the concept of waiting for a new birth land or building a float building on the claimed area. And There were officially announced the government and the president on 22nd, September 2022 and established the first president, Dan Victor Patthason. In addition, the government has announced that every 22 September of every year is Independence Day.

National symbol


- The blue sea represents the sea, which is like home and nation.
- Red represents the Asterians.
- Black represents the night sky.
- The white star represents the unity of the Asterians.


On the vast North Pacific Ocean. Dan Victor Patthason, the president plans to build a gigantic float building that would becomes a house of Asterians. Up there would be houses, schools, hospitals and everything for Asterians. And there would be a desalination plant and natural energy to preserve the environment and oceans.

Diplomatic relation

Republic of Asteria has been recognized by many Micronation societies. Dan Victor Patthason, the President has idea of ​​connecting with the leaders of other states.