Republic of Bir Tawil

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The Republic of Bir Tawil was a self-governing nation that founded on the 3 September 2022. It is an unrecognized self-declared state.The nation was located north of Egypt and south of Sudan.

Republic of Bir Tawil
جمهورية بير طويل (Arabic)
Republik Bir Tawil (German)
Flag of Republic of Bir Tawil
Motto: Freedom, Democracy and the People
The map show Bir Tawil territoeries (green)
The map show Bir Tawil territoeries (green)
and largest city
Bir Tawil
Official languagesArabic
Ethnic groups
80.5% Sudanese Arab
18% Egyptian
1.5% Other
81.2% Sunni Islam (official)
18.8% Christianity
GovernmentUnitary presidential republic
• President
Omar al-Bashir
• Independence declared
3 September 2022
• Total
2,060 km2 (800 sq mi)
CurrencyEgyptian Pound
Tawilian Dollar (TW$)
Time zoneBir Tawil Standard Time

The name comes from the unclaimed region Bir Tawil.

The official languages are Arabic, English, German and other indigenous languages. It has a land area of 2.060 square kilometers and is located between Egypt and the Sudan. It is a desert area with 2 mountains. The population is about 3 inhabitants.


The Republic of Bir Tawil declared independence on the third of september 2022. On the same day, the TSP (Tawilian Social Democratic Party) and the TCP (Tawilian Communist Party) were founded. On the 28th of september, the Constitution was written. On the first of October 2022, the official government website were opened.



The head of state and head of government is the President and the vice-President. The president nominates 10 ministers. They meet every month and talk about the things in the country. The government is observed by parliament.

The 10 ministries are:

  • Ministry of Defensive
  • Ministry of Economy
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Ministry of Labour
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Foreign
  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of the Interior
  • Ministry of Transport
  • Ministry of Environment

The government is in office for 5 years and the government can hold a referendum.

Political Parties

Name Symbol Ideology
Tawilian Social Democratic Party TSP TSP Logo.png Democracy, Labour, Peace, Democratic-Socialism
Tawilian Communist Party TCP TCP Symbol.png Democracy, Socialism, Communism, Labour, Millitarism


The Republic of Bir Tawil dont have soldiers or an army, but it has a Secret Service and a Border protection.

Foreign relations

The Republic of Bir Tawil isnt a member of the United Nations. It also dont have foreign relations to other countries. The Republic of Bir Tawil is member in the Union Against Micronational War.

Countries recognized by the Republic of Bir Tawil

Nations Date of Recognition Recognized
w:United Nations All U.N. Member States 03.09.2022 Yes
w:Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus 04.09.2022 Yes
w:Taiwan Taiwan 03.09.2022 Yes
w:State of Palestine State of Palestine 03.09.2022 Yes
w:Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic N/A N/A
w:Somaliland Republic of Somaliland 01.10.2022 Yes
w:Transnistria Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic N/A N/A
w:Kosovo Republic of Kosovo 03.09.2022 Yes
w:South Ossetia Republic of South Ossetia N/A N/A
w:Abkhazia Republic of Abkhazia 03.09.2022 Yes
w:Repubic of Artsakh Republic of Artsakh N/A N/A

Countries that recognize the Republic of Bir Tawil

From 5 September the Kingdom of Suteria recognizes the republic of Bir Tawil


Holiday Name Date Traditions
Day of Independence September 4 The flag is raised and a parade is performed
Birthday of the Founder November 27 Televised speech by the President and the flag is raised
Religious Holidays Varying All religious holidays from all major religions are legal holidays
World Peace Day September 21 No school/work and a little event