Kingdom of Bombardos

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Kingdom of Bombardos
Flag of Kingdom of Bombardos
Coat of arms of Kingdom of Bombardos
Coat of arms
Motto: Hail Bombardos
Anthem: Der Tag die Bomben fielen auf Bombardos (The day the bombs fell on Bombardos)
Largest cityMatthewston
Official languagesGerman, Spanish, Croatian, English
GovernmentMonarchy/Civil Dictatorship
EstablishmentJanuary 2012
• Census
10 Registered Citizens
CurrencyBombardian Pound
Time zoneN/A

The Kingdom of Bombardos is an unrecognized Caribbean nation occupying the islands of Greater Inagua as well as Little Inagua island. It is located north east of Cuba, north west of Haiti, and south of the Bahamas. Much of the Bombardian economy comes from salt exports, although limited tourism does exist. The largest city is Matthewston which straddles the land between the Sea and Lake Rosa, while the Capital of Moreuz is located on the coast of Lake Rosa in the north.


The original settler name Heneagua was derived from a Spanish expression meaning 'water is to be found there'.[citation needed] Two names of apparent Lucayan origin, Inagua (meaning "Small Eastern Island") and Baneque (meaning "Big Water Island") were used by the Spanish to refer to Great Inagua.

Several documented treasure laden ships were destroyed on Inaguan reefs between the years of 1500 and 1825. The two most valuable wrecks lost off the Inaguas were treasure-laden Spanish galleons: the Santa Rosa (1599) and the Infanta (1788). Other ships of considerable value were the British HMS Statira and HMS Lowestoffe in 1802, and the French Le Count De Paix in 1713.

Local legend has it that Henri Christophe, King of Haiti from 1811 to 1820, buried treasure at the Northeast Point of Great Inagua where he had a summer retreat.

The foundation of Inagua

In early 2012 it was decided by a private council that Inagua would declare independence. A Flag was drawn up and it was decided the new Republic would be called The Republic of Inagua (En-ah-guay), It went through several phases between Republic, Monarchy and Military Dictatorship. On the fourth of September the Senate decided the Nation would be named Bombardos, in reference to the many internal conflicts the island has been home to.


Bombardos is located on the two islands of Inagua: Great Inagua and Little Inagua.  The coastline is mostly rocky in the North and East while the West and South coasts are covered in fine white sand. In the center of the island lies Lake Rosa. A large salt water lake famous for the thousands of Flamingos that feast upon the abundant Brine shrimp. The island currently lacks a deepwater port, so visiting ships must anchor off shore.


The climate of Bombardos is typical of a carribean island with hot summers and warm winters. It occasionally gets hit by passing Hurricanes.

Government and politics

The government of Bombardos is currently a Monarchy/Civil Dictatorship with close ties to the military, there are also small local governments, Bombardian politics have been contentious: since independence, Bombardos has suffered 4 coups and 6 changes of government. Currently 5 political parties exist although only 3 have seats in the council, and only one has had control over the country since the Matthewston coup. In Bombardos there is a King (currently a disputed position that holds little power in government), A chancellor who acts as the Head of State, and the Prime minister who acts as the Head of Government


The Military of Bombardos is a small but capable force, currently conscription is not enforced but exists in law. The military has never been used in external conflict but has more often been used to hold order internally.

Law enforcement

The law in Bombardos is enforced by the Bombardian National Police Force (BNPF) which is subordinate to the Armed forces, As well as the Matthewston Police (Moreuz is under Military Law Enforcement)


The economy of Bombardos is mostly made up of Salt exports and Fishing, although limited tourism exists.


The most popular sports in Bombardos are Baseball, Football, and Gridiron (American football)

Foreign relations


Flag Nation Relations
Bloodstainedbanner.png Dixie (Confederate States of America) Recognized by Bombardos
United Micronationals Flag Proposed.png All UM Members Recognized by Bombardos
StupidUN.png All UN Members (Excluding PRC, Israel, Zimbabwe and ROK) Recognized by Bombardos (The UN itself is not recognized)
Rhodesia.png Republic of Rhodesia Recognized by Bombardos
Quebec.png Quebec Recognized by Bombardos