Republic of Braustat

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Republic Of Braustat
Flag of Republic of Braustat
Motto: God Bless the Best!
Official languagesItalian, English
GovernmentReprestentative Republic
• President
Lucas M. Ryan
• Head of state
Lucas M. Ryan
EstablishmentJuly 2016

Republic Of Braustat is an italian Representative Republic, estabilished in July 2016.


The declaration and the attack of Fort Latin (July 2016)

On July 2016, the Republic of Braustat was founded. The day after a group of a Latin Empire's loyalist militia attacked the GQ of Republic Of Braustat's National Guard, but were rejected from the National Guard shortly after.

LBPK Mission and military reform (July 2016-September 2016)

After the attack, the peace keeping mission to keep safe the area of Fort Latin. After 2 months of fighting, the =mission is over, because the area was cleaned of the militia. In August 2016, the Republic Of Braustat's Forestal Police was absorbed by the National Guard, that was disbainded in September 2016.

Anti NaziVegan War (September 2016-Dicember 2016)

In September 2016 was declared war against Nazi Vegan movement, that ended in Dicember 2016.

Civil War (January 2017-Present Day)

Actually the Rapublic Of Braustat is in a civil war between the statal forces and the LPB.


After the beginning of the civil war, the Republic Of Braustat's Army was abolished, and for a better fight against LPB, the Republic Of Braustat Mobile Infantry was created. The Republic Of Braustat had the Republic Of Braustat's Army until December 2016, since the Republic Of Braustat's National Guard has been abolished on September 2016. The Army is lead by General John Silver, with his base in Fort Latin. From 29 July 2016 to September 2016, there were a special Police Force, the Republic Of Braustat's Forestal Police, and his main duty was to defend the natural environment, since she was united with the National Guard. The Republic Of Braustat has an intelligence organization, the Braustat Republic Intelligence Agency.


To become a Citizen of the Republic every man must perform a month in the Republic Of Braustat's National Guard.