Republic of Celtia

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The Republic of Celtia is a nation founded as the Kingdom of Celtia in 27 May 2017 in Ayrshire, Scotland. The Kingdom was established to open a free and safe society for the oppressed Celtian culture and a place for free speech quickly though hard times were ahead fighting our first war and going through change...

The Holy Caledonian Empire

In the early days of the Kingdom of Celtia we stumbled across an empire in our vicinity looking for constituent nations who promised the world with things like: land expansion, Military aid and building supplies. After we had first spoken to them it appeared like a good idea to become a constituent nation, We then consulted the public who approved as we were trying to do our best for our Nation and our People. Things were not as good as they seemed though, it became apparent withing a few months that we were being disadvantaged, as we were giving more than we received after months of civil unrest and our constant fights we declared the war for Celtian Independence. after light skirmishes The Holy Caledonian Empire surrendered as we won every fight we then pressed our conditions for peace which we took our revenge by dissolving the undemocratic, oppressive Empire.

Imperium ex Celtia

After much reform and the move towards a democratic society this was done in a moment in time where the population were very interested into the Roman culture so that is when we enacted our first major language law as due to the change of the systems and the way that people were drifting towards we felt that it was necessary to make Latin an official language for our nation.

There was a brief flirt with a new name : Größeres Celtian Reich but that barely needed mention.

Republic of Celtia

The Republic ofCeltia is