Republic of Cyberium

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Republic of Cyberium
Coat of arms
Motto: Cyberium victor (Latin: Cyberium victorious)
Anthem: N/A
CapitalUnderground Palace
Largest cityUnderground City
Official languagesEnglish
• Supreme Leader
• Prime Minister
• (as of January 2021) census
Time zone(UTC)

The Republic of Cyberium, more commonly known as Cyberium, is a micronation in the South of England formed on January 9, 2021 with the Declaration of Independence. Following the independence a Supreme Leader was declared and a political system was formed. Due to Covid-19's stress on elections, there is currently no Prime Minister.



Cyberium was formed on January 9, 2021 with the Declaration of Independence. Sadly, the document was immediately expunged to provide good trade between Cyberium and the UK, but the fledgling nation is still recognised around the world as a micronation.

Early Years


Politics and government

Political Personnel

Supreme Leader

The position of Supreme Leader was established immediately after the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The Supreme Leader is the official head of the country. Laws enacted by the Senate and Cabinet need the permission of the Supreme Leader to be enacted. Also, the Supreme Leader holds the ability to create laws with no approval needed. Supreme Leader is not a hereditary position and upon the death or passing on of the Supreme Leader, an heir will be named if an heir has not already been stated by the Supreme Leader. The Supreme Leader is also head of the Cyberian Armed Forces

Prime Minister

The Prime Minister is the head of Cyberium's government and leads his or her chosen cabinet of ministers. There is currently no Prime Minister, as elections are on hold due to Covid-19.

The Cabinet

The Cabinet is made up of the Prime Minister and his 9 appointed ministers. These are Foreign Minister, Defence Minister, Treasury Minister, Minister of Justice, Trade Minister, Minister of the Environment, Health Minister, Minister of Education, and Transport Minister. However, the cabinet does not have to be made up of Senators from the Prime Minister's party. In fact, they can be any Senator that the Prime Minister desires.

The Senate

The Senate is the largest part of the Cyberian government. Each region of the nation elects two representatives to join the ranks of the senate to vote on laws and pass bills.

Law and order



Military Personnel


General is the highest obtainable rank within the Cyberian Army. They command all operations that fall within their geographical area.

Lieutenant General

The role of Lieutenant General is that of a Commanding Officer. Lieutenant Generals lead major divisions and branches.

Major General

The role of Major General is that of a Commanding Officer. Major Generals lead divisions and branches.

Brigadier General

The Brigadier General serves as deputy commander to the commanding general for Army divisions. This rank is responsible for overseeing the staff's planning and coordination of a mission.


The Colonel commands brigade-sized units within their division or branch. He or she may also be selected for brigade and task force executive officer.

Lieutenant Colonel

The Lieutenant Colonel commands battalion-sized units within their brigade. He or she may also be selected for brigade and task force executive officer.


The Major serves as the primary staff officer for brigades, battalions and task forces. They manage personnel, logistics and operational missions.


The Captain commands company-sized units within their battalion. He or she may also instruct at service schools and combat training centres or serve as a staff officer at the battalion level.

First Lieutenant

The First Lieutenant commands platoons within their company. They may also lead more specialised platoons.

Second Lieutenant

The 'Second Lieutenant is a new officer. They are usually executive officers of platoons.

Chief Warrant Officer

The Chief Warrant Officer is the rank for those about to complete their Officer Academy training. They must be a master-level technical and tactical expert and must think outside the box.

Warrant Officer

The Warrant Officer is the rank for those entering Officer Academy. They will learn to become technical and tactical experts over the course of their training.

Command Sergeant Major

The Command Sergeant Major is the senior enlisted advisor to the commanding officer. They carry out policies and standards and advise the commander on the performance, training, appearance and conduct of enlisted Soldiers. A command sergeant major is assignable to battalion level or higher.

Sergeant Major

The Sergeant Major is the chief administrative assistant for an Army headquarters, but their sphere of influence regarding leadership is generally limited to those directly under their charge. They are key enlisted members of staff elements at battalion level or higher.

First Sergeant

The First Sergeant is the principal NCO of a company. He or she instructs other Sergeants, advises the commander and helps train all enlisted Soldiers. They also assist officers at the company level.

Master Sergeant

The Master Sergeant is the principal non-commissioned officer at the company level and higher.

Staff Sergeant

The Staff Sergeant commands a squad of Enlisted personnel. Often, a staff sergeant will have one or more sergeants under his or her leadership. They are responsible for developing, maintaining and utilizing the full range of a soldier's potential.


The Sergeant commands a small fire team within their squad. Sergeants oversee soldiers in their daily tasks, and are expected to set a standard for lower-ranked soldiers to live up to.


Corporal is the base level of the non-commissioned officer (NCO) ranks. Corporals serve as team leader of the smallest Army units, sometimes only presiding over a single soldier. Like sergeants, they are responsible for individual training and personal appearance of soldiers.

Private First Class

Soldiers are generally promoted to this level by request of a supervisor.


Enlisted soldiers reach the rank of Private by completing their Basic Combat and Discipline Training.


Members of the Cadet Corps are undergoing their Basic Combat and Discipline Training.


Palace Guard

The Palace Guard are elite soldiers handpicked by the Supreme Leader himself to guard him in his palace and at events.

Military Police

The Cyberian Military Police are members of the army who have undergone police training and joined the Cyberian Constabulary.

Cadet Corps

The Cadet Corps is the name for the training of soldiers to the rank of Enlisted.

Officer Training and Discipline Corps

The Officer Training and Discipline Corps, or Officer Academy for short, is the infrastructure that teaches officers what they need to know and helps them become good leaders.

1st South East Corps

The 1st South East Corps are the backbone of soldiers in and around the South East of England. Soldiers in this regiment may come from any part of South East England, including London itself. The catchment area for this regiment stretches from Buckinghamshire in the north, and Kent and Hampshire in the south.

Conflicts and Operations


Medals and Decorations

Recruitment Ribbon

Awarded to those who dedicate themselves to recruiting for the Cyberian Armed Forces. Blue with a vertical red stripe.

Recruiting Command Ribbon

Awarded to those who lead recruitment missions. Features vertical blue, red, yellow and green stripes.

Army Service Ribbon

Awarded to those who partake in any military operation or mission. Features rainbow stripes.

Distinguished Service Ribbon

Awarded to those who go above and beyond in any part of the military. Features red and blue stripes on a white background.

Silver Star Ribbon

See Silver Star Medal.

Defence Superior Service

Awarded by the Ministry of Defence to those who go above and beyond in their military duties.

Merit Ribbon

See Merit Medal.

Officer Merit Ribbon

See Officer Merit Medal.

Heroism Ribbon

Awarded to any member of the Armed Forces who while serving with the Army distinguishes themselves by heroism not involving actual conflict with an enemy.

Bronze Star Ribbon

See Bronze Star Medal.

Purple Ribbon

Awarded by the Supreme Leader to distinguish the very best people who have moved on from the Republic.

Meritorious Service Ribbon

See Meritorious Service Medal.

Army Commendation Ribbon

Awarded by local commanders to those who push themselves the hardest under their command.

Army Achievement Ribbon

Awarded by local commanders to celebrate individual achievements of those under their command.

Combat Action Ribbon

Awarded to those that take part in any combat action.

Civilian Service Ribbon

Awarded to the best military personnel nominated by the public.

Army Award for Civilian Service

Awarded to members of the public who contribute to the accomplishment of an army mission or other activity.

Superior Civilian Service Award

The Superior Civilian Service Award is an honorary award presented to government employees. It is the one of the highest awards that can be bestowed on a civil employee. Eligibility for the award requires that the employee shows excellence in their performance of their assigned duties, including leading their teams to higher productivity or completing complex projects more effectively or efficiently than required. Other examples are showing a high level of skill or initiative at their tasks, devising new methods that save time, expense or manpower, or exhibiting courage or competence in an emergency while preforming assigned duties.

Outstanding Civilian Service Award

The Outstanding Civilian Service Award is awarded to private citizens including civilians not employed by the Armed Forces. It is one of the highest awards that the can be bestowed upon a civilian.

Distinguished Unit Ribbon

Awarded to those units who strive to be the very best and achieve their goal.

Valorous Unit Ribbon

Awarded to the units who are most above average and strive to reach the peak of brilliance.

Meritorious Unit Ribbon

Awarded to the units who show the best conduct over their entire military career.

Armed Forces Service Medal

Awarded to those who partake in significant military activity and go above and beyond whilst in active service.

Armed Forces Reserve Medal

Awarded to those who go above and beyond whilst serving in a reserve division of the military.

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