Republic of Dorpat

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Republic of Dorpat
Dorpati Vabariik
Flag of Republic of Dorpat
LocationEstonia, Tartu
GovernmentPresidential Republic
• President
Raiko Simagin
• Total
0.00809 km2 (0.00312 sq mi)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Flag of Testonia.svg Socialist Republic of Testonia
Socialist Republic of Dorpat Flag of the SR Dorpat.svg

The Republic of Dorpat, also known as Dorpat, was a self-proclaimed micronation located within the Estonian city of Tartu. It had a total area of 2 acres (approx. 0.00809 square kilometres, 0.00312 square miles). The micronation was led by President Raiko. The Republic of Dorpat was preceded by the Socialist Republic of Testonia and was succeeded by the Socialist Republic of Dorpat. It is unclear when exactly the Republic of Dorpat was founded or when it ceased to exist.