Republic of Dreska

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Republic of Dreska
"Vigil per noctem" (Latin)
"Awake through the night"
Other traditional mottos 
Great Seal of Dreska
Official languages
Recognised national languagesNone
Ethnic groups
97% White
3% Black
GovernmentFederal Republic
• Governor
• -------
• -------
LegislatureHouse of Denizens
• Independence from United States
5 July 2016
• Charter Ratification
-- ------- ----
• Total
000 km2 (0 sq mi)
• Estimate
Citizens: 11
CurrencyDreskan Shank (Ҝ) (DRS)
Time zoneEST
Date formatdd/mm/yy
Driving sideright
Internet TLD.dr

Tthe Republic of Dreska (R.O.D. or RoD), commonly known as Dreska, the Republic, or the Cockland, is a micronation primarily located within the East Coast of the United States. It consists of two prefectures. At ---- square miles (---- square kilometers), it is . Dreska shares significant borders of both land and sea with the United States. With a population of ---- people . The national capital is ----.

Dreska emerged from the United States and was established from select locations along the East Coast. Ideological differences with the United states, as well as wanting a fun project to work on, led to the hopeful goal of Dreska one day gaining its independence.

government is broken up into two co-dependent parts, the first being a stratocracy (from the greek στρατός, stratos, "army" and κράτος, kratos, "dominion", "power") and is defined as "a form of military government in which the state and the military are constitutionally the same entity, and government positions are mostly held by military chiefs." Citizens with voluntary military service, or who have been honorably discharged, have the right to govern. The military's political power is supported by law and the society. As such a stratocracy does not have to be autocratic or democratic by nature in order to preserve its right to govern. It is not the same as a military dictatorship or military junta where the military's political power is not enforced or even supported by other laws.

The other part of the government is a diarchy (or dyarchy; from the Greek δι- / δύο meaning "two" and ἄρχω meaning "I rule") and is defined as "a form of government in which two individuals ("diarchs") are joint heads of state." Most diarchs hold their position for life, passing the position to their children or other family members. This is where Dreska differs from other Diarchies and takes on the principles of a meritocracy. Dreska's line of succession is made up of the General Officers in the military, and those officers are chosen by their superior based on their qualifications. This method of succession also acts as Dreska's checks and balances system.



Government and politics




The Dreskan Vecto (sign: V code: DKV) was the initial currency proposed to be used within the nation of Dreska. However, complications encountered during the design process of the banknotes inevitably resulted in the Vecto never leaving the prototype phase of its implementation.

Prototype Series 2016 V 5 Republic of Dreska Banknote


The Dreskan shank (sign: Ҝ code: DKS) is the currency of Dreska. Within Dreska, it is almost always abbreviated with the shank sign (Ҝ). The Ҝ symbol precedes the amount. It is subdivided into 100 hackles (sign: h). The Dreskan shank was introduced on 7 September 2020 to replace Dreska's prototype currency the vecto. The conversion rate of the Dreskan shank is -------.

Banknotes: Ҝ1, Ҝ5, Ҝ20, Ҝ50, Ҝ100

Coins: -h, -h, -h,-h

Denomination Front Reverse First Series Latest Series Circulation
One Shank Series 2020 Series 2020
Five Shanks

Series 2020 Series 2020
Twenty Shanks

Series 2020 Series 2020
Fifty Shanks

Series 2020 Series 2020
One Hundred


Series 2020 Series 2020



Foreign relations