Republic of Fernsburg

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Republic of Fernsburg
United States
CapitalFernsburg City (de jure), Fernsburg Parliament Hall (de facto)
Demonym(s)Fernsburger, Fernsburgian
• Head of State
EstablishmentJune 2013
• Census

The Republic of Fernsburg was a micronation that was active during the summers of 2013 and 2014. Largely used for play, Fersburg claimed their summer camp's playground, named Ashley's Playground, and a small field alongside.


Friends J, M, and J were attending summer camp during June 2013, when the idea to start a micronation popped up. J, establishing a micronation once before in April 2012 (also along with M and J), decided to claim a small area of ferns along the pathway at the local mall. Quickly abandoned, the team instead lay claim to their summer camp's playground, Ashley's Playground, and a small field directly north.


The Fernsburg Parliament Hall, located underneath the play platform at Ashley's Playground, was used for government meetings. Gathering up multiple campers for the meetings, all Fernsburg officials would cluster around the president, who sat at the end. This was the de facto capital of the micronation.

Ashley's Playground

Along with Parliament Hall, the playground held a "jail", monkey bars, slides and numerous other playground essentials.

The Field

The Field, located directly north of Ashley's Playground, was a small open green space claimed by the micronation. Not much was found on the field, aside from grass, dirt and small flowers. Nonetheless, Fernsburg City, a small dirt clearing in the middle of the field, was the de jure capital of Fernsburg, at least for a while. Citizens built farms and such around the area, made using nearby sticks, among others.

Independence Day

Independence Day, celebrated once or twice in the micronation's history, was an important holiday for Fernsburgers. It is believed that for the nation's first independence day, mac and cheese was brought and eaten at Parliament Hall. For the second independence day, an array of chips were brought and eaten inside.

Fernsburg Olympics

The Fernsburg Olympics were planned Olympic games for the Republic of Fernsburg, however they are believed to have never ended up taking place. In competition were M and J, who trained in numerous challenges, including racing.


By summer 2015, J had stopped coming to the camp. He soon moved on to greater and more serious projects.