Republic of Islamkistan

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Republic of Islamkistan
Coat of arms
Motto: Allah bersama dengan orang-orang yang bersabar
and largest city
Baitul Ilmi Capital Special Administrative Region
Official languagesIndonesian, English, Arabic
• President
Nafandra Lubis
• Vice President
Ramadida Rai
• Head of Senate
Adimas Raditya
LegislatureIslamkistani National Senate and Islamkistan Advisory Council
EstablishmentDecember 8th, 2011
• Census
CurrencyIndonesian Rupiah (IDR)
Time zoneUTC+8.00

The Republic of Islamkistan, commonly known as Islamkistan, is a micronation which is located in Jakarta, Indonesia. It is planned by the people of class 8A, 10th Generation of SMP Labschool Kebayoran. It is the 5th micronation in Indonesia.


Geography and Territory

The Republic of Islamkistan claims several areas in Jakarta, such as Blok M and Kebayoran Baru or Baitul Ilmi SAR and Hejaz Province, Pondok Indah and Lebak Bulus or Nafud Province, Kuningan and Menteng or Khamis Mushayt Province, Pasar Minggu Qurnat al-Ajdabiya Province, Bintaro Umm al-Maghribiyah Province and Uluwatu in Bali or Bahr al-Masyriqiyah Province. Each Province is divided into districts (Dunams) and each province is led by a governor. Here is the list of governors of the Provinces in Islamkistan:

Province Governor
Baitul Ilmi Capital SAR: Mohammad Alif Ghifari Rachman
Hejaz Bambang Tri Hendra
Nafud Varyeza Nurrafy Almatsier
Qurnat al-Ajdabiyah Rafi Farhanto
Umm al-Maghribiyah Raihan Prakasa
Bahr al-Masyriqiyah Zordhi Muhammadpasha Novyan
Khamis Mushayt Adimas Raditya

Islamkistan is not a landlocked country, as Bahr al-Masyriqiyah has direct borders to the sea, to be precise the Indian Ocean. Some other proposed lands are, in the vicinity of Mandailing Natal in North Sumatera and Bandung in West Java. Islamkistan has tropical climate as it straddles the area near the equator, and has equal amount of sunlight each day, all year long. Temperatures can be very hot in Bahr al-Masyriqiyah as it is sea level and borders the sea. While the rest of the provinces, temperature and weather may vary. It has dry season normally from April to October and wet season from October to April. Islamkistan uses WIB, Western Indonesian Time or in Indonesian, "Waktu Indonesia Barat". It uses 7 hours ahead of Greenwich (UTC + 7.00) and does not observe and use daylight saving time in summer. But Bahr al-Masyriqiyah observes a different time zone, which is WITA, Central Indonesian Time or "Waktu Indonesia Tengah". Which is, 8 hours ahead of Greenwich (UTC + 8.00).


Islamkistan is a presidential republic. It has president as both, head of state and government. The president has a term of 1 (one) year, and after that shall be an another election, and can be elected once more. In his duty, the president is helped by the Vice President, and his executive board, the ministers:

Minister Name
Minister of Foreign Affairs Raihan Prakasa
Minister of Interior Affairs Muhammad Naufal Nurfachrizal
MInister of Religion Affairs Muhammad Afif Ramadhan
Minister of Finance and Treasury Raden Himan Haryo Teguh Darmawan
Minister of Education and Culture Andito Danisworo
Minister of Defence, Justice and Human Rights Muhammad Ardhito Adipradana
Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs Ryan Ananda Patrianto
Minister of Technology and Information Muhammad Keanoubie

Apart from the executive board, Islamkistani National Government is also helped by the legislative board, which consists of the Islamkistani National Senate (INS), and the Islamkistan Advisory Council (IAC). Each of them has 10 seats, which makes a total of 20 seats in the Senate. While the Islamkistan is still in a transitional government, the Senate is not very active yet as it still need a lot of members. This will be discussed further more in the upcoming event of Islamkistan Summit I, December 20, 2011.