Republic of Jascarus

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National Bolshevik Republic of Jascarus
Национал-Большевистская Республика Яскарус (Russian)
Flag of Jascarus
Motto: "Наша народа, наша родина!" (Russian)
"Our people, our homeland!"
CapitalNone (no land claimed)
Official languagesEnglish, Russian
Ethnic groups
100% North European White
100% Unaffiliated
GovernmentNational Bolshevist one-party totalitarian dictatorship
• Supreme Chairman of the National Standing Committee
Anatolij Kostyuchenko
• Deputy Chairman of the National Standing Committee
• Independence declared
30 January 2023
• Constitution ratified
31 January 2023
• Dissolution
1 February 2023
CurrencyJascarusian ruble (JRB)
Date formatyyyy-dd-mm (AD)
Driving sideleft
Calling code+44
Internet TLD.jc

The National Bolshevik Republic of Jascarus was a micronation founded on 30 January 2022, by Anatolij Kostyuchenko.


The name "Jascarus" does not have a meaning notable for its use in this nation within either the English language nor the Russian language. It comes from the website "".


The National Bolshevik Republic of Jascarus was formed on 30 January 2023, the latest in a long line of micronational projects undertaken by Supreme Chairman Anatolij Kostyuchenko. He has been quoted as saying:
"I have tested many a micronational idea. This one is but another, that I hope will succeed. Слава Яскарус!"
The phrase "Слава Яскарус!" (transliterated as "Slava Yaskarus!") means "Glory to Jascarus" and is a Russian phrase.


The armed forces of Jascarus were the National People's Armed Forces of Jascarus.

Politics and government

Jascarus was a one-party totalitarian dictatorship, meaning its political system was not partisan; it had only one party that was spearheaded by absolute ruler Anatolij Kostyuchenko.
The legislature was the Legislatorium, headed by the Deputy Chairman of the National Standing Committee, a position appointed directly by the Supreme Chairman of the National Standing Committee.

Administrative regions

Jascarus had no formal land claim, and thus had no regional division.