Republic of Javastan

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Republic of Javastan
Republik Javastan
Flag of Javastan
Coat of arms of Javastan
Coat of arms
Motto: Abdining Rogo, Rahayuning Jiwo, Sanggabuana Joyotirto
Anthem: Javastan Digdaya
Undefeated Javastan
LocationEast Java, Indonesia
and largest city
Official languagesIndonesian and Javanese
Islam (100%)
GovernmentPresidential republic
• President
Raden Mas Nur
LegislatureBhumiswara Parliament
• Declared
24 February 2021
CurrencyIndonesian Rupiah and Chinese coins
Time zoneUTC+7 (UTC)
Driving sideleft
Calling code+62

Republic of Javastan (Indonesian: Republik Javastan) is a micronation located in Indonesia. Javastan is established in 24 February 2021 and proclaimed by Raden Mas Nur who serves the country as president.

The country is administered as a democratic republic, with Islamic socialism adhered by the government as the official philosophical basis. Javastan legislature is called Bhumiswara Parliament.

Javastan declares itself as a pacifist country. Javastan has no standing military and is committed to avoid intermicronational conflicts at all costs. Javastan is a full member of the Association of Indonesian Micronations since mid-2022.

Javastan has a developing economy as its government has devising a plan to and continue minting coins, while also taking measures to address money circulation issues and concerns of inflation.