Republic of Lakelandia

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Republic of Lakelandia
United States
CapitalThe Docks (de facto)
Official languagesEnglish
• Head of State
EstablishmentSummer 2013
• Census

The Republic of Lakelandia was a micronation that was active in summer 2013 and summer 2014. J, the same micronationalist who created the Republic of Fernsburg (among others), headed the republic as president.


Lakelandia was founded in summer 2013 by J. During summer camp, they would go a local man made lake to fish and boat. During one of these trips, J decided to claim the lake and surrounding land, thus creating the Republic of Lakelandia. During the period of activity, Lakelandia was largely ignored, with more spotlight shown on the neighboring Fernsburg. Finally, activity of the nation ceased after summer 2014.

The Docks

The docks were, well, quite literally docks. The docks, which forked out into two smaller platforms, was mainly used for fishing, resting and docking of vessels. The wooden structure was also used to hold items such as life jackets and fishing products. Although it is not clear if the docks were used as Lakelandia's official capital at the time, looking back at it, they were in fact the micronation's de facto capital.

The Lake

The lake was the centerpiece of the republic, making up a large majority of the territory. During summer, the lake was used for fishing and boating (canoes and peddle boats were most commonly used). At areas, one may see old cars lying at the lake's floor. The lake was also the home of Lakelandia's own plastic duck/goose/swan, who could be seen floating around until her unsolved disappearance.

The Edges

Lying just along the edge of the lake were the edges, a thin strip of land home to Lakelandia's citizens, muscovy ducks. Aside from that, the edges were also home to tall pine trees.

Flora and Fauna

In terms of flora, tall pine trees populated the edges of Lakelandia, particularly in the northern edges. Other plants could also be found along the shoreline. For fauna, muscovy ducks were abundant to Lakelandia, mainly populating the western edges. On any given day you could see them, young and old, swimming on the lake or resting on the grass. It was a popular pastime for humans to come up close to the fence and throw food to them. Other animals included iguanas, birds, turtles, insects and even visiting humans could be seen. It is to be noted, however, that most fauna listed was recorded after the dissolution of the republic, and may have been different before.


After summer 2014, J rarely ever got to visit Lakelandia. His involvement soon after drifted away, moving on to better and more serious projects.