Republic of Latitudia

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Royal Republic of Latitudia
Kungliga Republiken Latitudia (Svenska)
'Motto: 'Terra Mirabilis, Mirabilis Vita (Lat)
Wonderful land, wonderful life (Eng)
Underbart land, underbart liv (Swe)

Approximate locations of claimed territories

Official languagesEnglish, Swedish
GovernmentCrowned Constitutional Republic
• Head of State
HRH Anders of Latitudia
LegislatureThe Latitudian High Council
Establishment21 August 2006 (founded)
7 October 2013 (Republic established)
• (as of 2015 census) census
Time zoneCET/CEST

The Royal Republic of Latitudia is a self-proclaimed sovereign state and autonomous territorial entity, also known as a micronation, that was established on 7 October 2013. The Republic succeeded the Kingdom of Latitudia which was founded on 21 August 2006.



  • June 2006 – A rough draft to the Kingdom of Latitudia is scribbled down in a notebook
  • 21 August 2006 – The Kingdom of Latitudia is formed
  • 23 June 2010 - All the royal files are destroyed in the Big Disk Crash of 2010
  • September 2013 – During a vacation trip HRH Anders decided to put new life into Latitudia by reforming it into a crowned republic with a unicameral legislature in form of a High Council

Early Republic

  • 7 October 2013 – The Republic of Latitudia is founded as a crowned republic
  • 7 October 2013 – HRH Anders is elected Chairman of the High Council, on a 10-year term
  • 15 October 2013 – The constitution of the new Republic is voted in unanimously by the High Council


The Republic lays claim on four territories throughout Europe; Duchy of the Salt Sea with the capital Friedenheim, Grand Duchy of Björkebo, Grand Duchy of Geschwornern, and Duchy of Northern Mill Valley, all surrounded by the Kingdom of Sweden. Previously The New West Settlement surrounded by the Netherlands was part of the Republic but has been abandoned since early 2015.

Government and politics

Latitudia is ruled by the High Council, consisting of Head of State and an even number of council members. All national guilds and organisations, as well as residing foreign dignitaries, are eligible for representation.

Law and order

Latitudian law

The Latitudian law consists of three instances, The Three Latitudes, the first is acting according to the Constitution of Latitudia and the additional Regulations. The second is the application of simple common sense. The third instance is the High Council ruling on the said matter.

Any citizen that would like to suggest an addition or change to anything relating to any laws, might do so by presenting a Proposition (PROP) to the High Council in before any of their assemblies. They will discuss and Consider (CONS), and then if passed rule with a Regulation (REG). Propositions from foreign dignitaries might be considered, depending on the weight of the proposition.


The People's Army of Latitudia is defending their glorious Republic with pride. The Army takes its orders directly from the High Council, where the Head of State is considered to be acting Commander-in-Chief. The People's Army is mainly a national defensive force but may provide assistance to friends and allies in need.

Law Enforcement

There is no civilian national policing force, but due to the defensive nature of the People's Army, they are acting border police should it be needed. All Latitudians are allowed to apply for a license for any weapon with the High Council. With a license granted, concealed and open carry is allowed, however, the surrounding state laws must be adhered to.


National holidays

  • 31 March – St Walkens' Day, pop. Saint Walkens
  • 20 April - St Robert's Day, pop. Bob Day
  • Weekend of Friday 19–26 June – Midsummer Fest
  • 7 October – Latitudian Independence Day, pop. La-di-da Day
  • 30 December to 2 January - Midwinter Fest

Foreign relations

Recognition of another nation usually follows an examination of the said nation by the High Council. Since Latitudia is a very friendly and peaceful nation, we welcome relations and alliances with most other micronations or nations. The Republic is a proud member of UAMW, the Union Against Micronational War, as well as of the Coalition of the Chilling. Mutual recognition with Latitudia is to be considered an alliance, with any form and grade of relations as a result thereof.

Formal relations through a treaty

Informal relations and mutual recognition

Especially recognized micronations and nations

Foreign Macronational Embassies

Since Latitudia is a unicameral republic governed by the High Council and lacks ministries and ministers in the traditional sense, the ambassadors answer directly to the Council instead of a Foreign Ministry or Foreign Office as is often customary. The function of ambassadors in their respective macronations is to raise awareness of Latitudia and support Latitudians, should it be necessary. The title is appointed by the ruling monarch and/or the High Council, and the embassy is usually to be seen as a virtual territory surrounding the ambassador. All ambassadors are granted a Latitudian citizenship upon being appointed.

Appointed Ambassadors


Citizenship is automatically but voluntarily granted to individuals residing within the Republic's claimed territories. Full citizenship may be acquired through affiliation of land with the Republic, and as from late 2015 via a citizenship application. Honorary citizenship may be awarded as a token of gratitude through receiving a Latitudian Honour. Latitudia does not limit its citizens when it comes to numbers of citizenships held but reserves the right to refuse or revoke any applicant or citizen at any given time.


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