Republic of Lovia

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Republic of Lovia
Flag of Republic of Lovia
Coat of arms
Official languagesLovian, Russian
GovernmentPresidential republic
• President
Danil Kharlashin
• Chancellor
Aleksandr Kuzmin
Establishment27 December 2018
Time zoneUTC+5 (YEKT)
Driving sideright

The Republic of Lovia[a] is a micronation in Northern Asia.


The history of Lovia dates back to December 2018, when the People's Democratic Union was founded. On December 27, the state was renamed the Republic of Lovia.


The Republic of Lovia is a unitary presidential republic. The Head of State is the President, who has legislative authority to issue decrees and decrees having the force of law.

The legislative body is the Seim, elected by universal popular vote for 6 months.

Foreign policy

Diplomatic relations with other micronations

Only treaties in force are listed.

Flag Name Treaty signed
Gergenzed 9 December, 2022
Avinea 14 June, 2023

Membership in micronational organizations

Name Period
Organization for Security and Co-operation of Micronations 28 May 2021 — 25 May 2022
League of Independent States since 12 August 2021
League of Independent Micronations since 3 December 2022[b]


  1. Russian: Республика Ловия, Respublika Loviya; Lovian: Eylan Ardahat
  2. Previously member state of the League from 13 November 2020 to 19 September 2022