Republic of Lunia

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Republic of Lunia
Flag of lunia.png
Lunia coat of arms.png
Coat of arms
Motto: Viribus in bellum gereretur (Latin: Peace through Diplomacy)
Anthem: Lever de Lune
File:Pennsylvania, United States
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish, Esperanto, French
GovernmentFederal presidential republic
• President
Stellara Prais Duobla
• Prime Minister
Dezirinda Viver
• (as of 2018 census) census
1 permanent resident; 3 citizens
CurrencyLunian Saphir
Time zone(EST)

The Republic of Lunia (French: la République de Lunia, Esperanto: la Respubliko de Lunia), commonly known as simply Lunia, is a very small micronation located within Pennsylvania in the United States. It was founded on March 18, 2018 by President Stellara Prais Duobla.


Formed from the French word "lune" (moon) with the Latin suffix "-ia".


Lunia was formed in March 2018 from a small 8x10' bedroom in Pennsylvania. Its founder Stellara Prais Duobla became the president by default. She drew her inspiration from large and successful (in comparison) micronations such as Sealand. Treasury Secretary Ofelio Ĝaksen and Prime Minister Dezirinda Viver were elected shortly after.

Government and politics

The Republic of Lunia is a federal presidential republic. The President handles national affairs and appoints members of the Cabinet, while the Prime Minister handles states' affairs and elections. Each state appoints three representatives, known as the State Triumvirate, to vote bills approved by the President into law.

The offices of Secretary of Security and Foreign Affairs, Secretary of Legal Affairs, Secretary of Citizens, Secretary of Economy, Secretary of Infrastructure and Development, and Secretary of Education remain yet unfilled. In addition, Terre de l'Ouest, the only state, has no current Triumvirate.

Law and order


Foreign relations



Lunia has no standing military.

Geography and climate

Lunia is located within a bedroom so its climate remains around 68-72 degrees F at all times.


Lunia's incumbent Secretary of the Treasury is Ofelio Ĝaksen. Lunia's primary exports are fruits and vegetables, in particular strawberries. The national currency of Lunia consists of the Lunian saphir. Each saphir can be divided into 1000 nacrelles. As of March 2018 one saphir is equivalent to about $5 USD.


A census is taken each March.

Ethnic groups

  • White: 100%


The three official languages of Lunia are English, French, and Esperanto. Every citizen is fluent in English.


  • Christianity: 33%
  • Other: 66%



Lunians celebrate Foundation Day on March 18. They commonly set off firecrackers, eat national foods, and participate in parties and parades.

Carnival de l'Étoiles occurs over the peak days of the Perseids meteor shower each August. Lunians turn off all unnecessary lights and visit their local parks to sing and dance, light sparklers, eat ice cream, and celebrate the stars.

The sitting President's birthday is always a holiday; schools and some workplaces close. The current President's Day occurs on September 8.

Lunian Thanksgiving coincides with American Thanksgiving and celebrates family, friendship, and prosperity throughout the year.

Christmas is a very large holiday in Lunia; Lunians of all religious backgrounds come together to decorate, sing carols, eat, and exchange gifts. Arcenciel is known to be lavishly decorated with lights, tinsel, and other decor each year after Thanksgiving.





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