Republic of Malavnia

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The Republic of Malavnia
Malavnian: Malavska Republika
Coat of arms
Motto: For Honor and the Fatherland
Anthem: "Hymn of the Malavnian Countryside" - Jan Josef Ignác Brentner
and largest city
Official languagesMalavnian
• President
Dragošlav Križ
• Prime Minister
Dragošlav Križ
LegislatureParliament of the Kingdom of Klin
Establishment8 April 2016
• Census
Time zonePTZ

Malavnia (Malavnian: Malavska) was an unrecognized territorial entity that was officially established on the 15th of November 2014. The nation was ruled by the President, Jan Pokorny, and the Prime Minister, Dragošlav Križ and was a left-wing democracy. Entirely bordered by the American state of California, Malavnia enjoyed a warm temperate climate and a rapidly expanding economy, made possible by its fertile land and resources. The capital, Klin, was the residence of 8 citizens, making it the most populous city in all of Malavnia. The Republic of Malavnia had an entirely homogenous population made up of humans, pets and various plush animals. Although Malavnian was the official language, English was very widely spoken as it was understood by all of Malavnia's inhabitants.


The name "Malavnia" was chosen as it sounds reminiscent of Moldova, a country greatly admired by the founders, Jan Pokorny and Dragošlav Križ.


The Republic of Malavnia was a parliamentary democracy with a population of around 16. The republic was mostly urbanized or cultivated arable grassland with a river on the eastern border. The country was divided into 6 conterminous regions (Malavnian: oblasta or kraj) that each had their own capital, flag and crest.


Malavnia officially declared independence from the United States of America on November 15, 2014 under the Križ-Doležal Act.


The establishment of Malavnia can be traced back to the existence of Mykonia-Cintrale, a heavily Russian and German influenced nation claiming a fictitious island off the coast of Lithuania. During this epoch, many basic cultural traits were set down, a move that made the development of Malavnia much easier for both the president and the prime minister.

NationStates Era

After the collapse of Mykonia-Cintrale and before the founding of the former Republic of Malavnia, the country existed as a NationState. However, as time grew on, the online game was found, to the dismay of the prime minister, quite frivolous and quixotic, with many aspects of the game being questionable or laughable.



The Republic of Malavnia was a parliamentary republic with two main office-holders, the President (Jan Pokorny) and the Prime Minister (Dragošlav Križ). The prime minister was elected by popular vote, while the president was mandated by the prime minister to serve a five year term. The president also commanded the armed forces, could veto any legislation, and was considered the supreme leader of Malavnia.

Political Parties

Party Name Logo Short name Leader Ideology Colours Parliament Seats
Parliament of the Republic of Malavnia
Social Democratic Party of Malavnia SDP Jan Pokorny Social Democracy Yellow, Blue
3 / 5
Civil Democratic Party ODŠ Vladimír Křanek Liberal Conservatism Orange, White
2 / 5
Communist Party of Malavnia KSM Jiří Laušman Communism Red, Yellow
0 / 5

Administrative Divisions

License plate
Region name
(in English)
Region name
(in Malavnian)
(2015 estimate)
MK  Klin Capital Region Hilavní města Klina oblasta n/a 8
MZ  Šlovenškia Region Šlovenšký kraj Přetva 5
MA  Žlína Region Žlínaský kraj Žlína 2
MT  Váłom Mleštová Region Váłmleský kraj Gřaž 1
MR  Radezj Region Radezjský kraj Radezj 0
MV  Českév Region Českévský kraj Białszkja Buřuvdek 0
ML  Litmanová Region Litmanovský kraj Nový Litmanová 0

Former Allies

Nations with whom Malavnia had Mutual Recognition

Former informal relations

Formally recognized, no relations


Malavnia possessed a diverse and rich culture, including a Slavonic language closely related to Slovak, Czech, Polish and Slovenian.

National Symbols

The national flag and crest were created by Dragošlav Križ, the PM of Malavnia and represent Malavnian culture and values.

Geography & Climate

Malavnia boasted a heterogeneous and unique landscape of brush, groves and hills. Near the eastern border of the country lied its only river, the Okřava, which provided water for the various crops and plants that grew in the vicinity.


Information based on March 2015 figures.

  • Linden's System : 3.0
  • Matthew's Democracy System of Classification : 2.75
  • Freayth's System of Micronational Classification : 19
  • Dresner's System of Classification : 2.0