Republic of Mercury

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The Republic of Mercury (Hydragyrum - HG) is a constellation of micronations based in outer space. It was founded by Queena SpartaPuce / SpartaChip in response to a violent disregard of compassion on planet C51/53. She and her brave 11 knights decided to fly to hubble city and to make things better for planet Earth from Outer space where they are all together watching nicely the game of life.

The Beginning

Queena was a very successful intel politician who had really enough of the bitter /amer culture of domination, cruelty toward angels children and people of her alien tribe. After having served for too long the same administration with the same boring blue agenda (Rhodhiate) - She decided to switch to Moleskin, red scarlet cover and it was a pure unique ONE revelation for her. She was suddenly reborn into Queena SpartaPuce (or SpartaChip for Anglish language speakers). Queena SpartaPuce had suddenly super powers and extra vision, all was becoming paranormal but yet soooo natural; this is how she was led to meet 11 people of her tribe from all over the world. They are now the backbone of Mercury Government (which we call "give-mint-no-mentus" out here).

Immigration Rules

If you would like to become an "hydragyrum", HG citizen, please make sure to think very hard about it and we will hear you. We offer ONE digital passport to successful candidate; allowing them to travel anywhere, a land and the freedom to be themselves. The application process takes about 40 years for humans. All aliens are welcome apart from the ones who are alien in disguise, the ones who invented the word alien have to fill form DTA-99. We encourage people from Neptune to join us; very high rates of success. Humans need a long probation period; only One applicant has made it to Mercury as yet.

Appeal process

If you are rejected due to lack of heart vibrational energy; we will send you flowers/kisses to compensate you and you can re-apply in 100,000 years. If you are rejected due to discretionary reason; we recommend you to apply directly to planet Mars, The HRH MusKat King has a very easy application process (Maybe you should ask yourself why?).

Strategic Plan

Queena SpartaPuce is reclaiming the entire Central and South areas of Earth and a little dot called "Micronation of Galacia" she is really annoyed with "HRH Galacian" using only one of her favourites colours in the spectrum.

Special Announcement from Queena Spartapuce

The Digital Government of Mercury has heard of a "human short king in disguise who likes bread, he wears a beard, and dresses, skirts sometimes, he lives in desert hot area and likes to be called "Spartacus". We, remind him kindly that this name is already taken. There is only one SpartaPuce/SpartaChip in the galaxy. After a steering wheel commitee, we have anonymously rebranded him: King MinusBic III in light of his awesome writing ability. Her Excellency Queena says; "keep it up MinusBic III; you make me laugh soooo much".

Latest News

Queena SpartaPuce is awaiting to challenge King MinusBIc IIII in the dancing competition of the year 2020 (Earthly time) where her Excellency will win. She will wear a trouser so that there is no confusion.