Kingdom of Midnorth

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Kingdom of Midnorth
Coat of arms
Motto: Midnorth forever!
Anthem: National Anthem
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
• King of Midnorth
Privy Council
Establishment15 april 2022
• 19/09/2023 census
Time zoneGMT+9:30

The Kingdom of Midnorth, more commonly known as Midnorth, is a micronation located just outside the Midnorth Region.

It is an absolute monarchy, whose current monarch Daniel.


The name of Midnorth has an interesting backstory. Originally called Grabenstadt, it served more as a location for trade agreements rather than a formal name. To streamline things, Grabenstadt decided to simplify its identity and chose the name Midnorth. At one point, during a political coup, Midnorth briefly adopted the title of "The Reformed Socialist Republic of Midnorth" for about 3 weeks, but eventually Changed back to its original name. Then, on the 18 of September 2023, a significant change Happened as the Midnorth President decided to Declare himself king and adopted the new title of "The Kingdom of Midnorth."

Simplified History

On 15 April 2022, Daniel created a Micronation named Grabenstadt. The next day, it was renamed as the Republic of Midnorth since it's in South Australia's Midnorth Region. Daniel made friends in the micronation community who played a big role in Midnorth's creation, with one designing the flag.

Soon, other Micronations like the Godless, Whyallis, and The Cult emerged in the region, posing a threat to Midnorth's independence. The Godless quickly annexed parts of Midnorth, but Midnorth's armed forces swiftly responded, winning a battle due to superior technology. A cold war followed, and alliances were formed.

On May 13th, the Godless trespassed on Midnorthean land, sparking the first Midnorth-Godless War. Despite not much being recorded about this war, a Midnorthean citizen rose to a significant position and organized a coup, leading to a change in leadership and the formation of the reformed socialist republic of Midnorth.

However, internal conflicts and exile of Daniel led to instability, causing Midnorth to fall within 3 weeks. and The Republic of midnorth Returned Led by Daniel again

after this point the republic of Midnorth became inactive.

and after months of inactivity The president returned and announced the creation of the Kingdom of Midnorth.

declaring himself king of Midnorth.

Politics and government

The government of Midnorth is an absolute monarchy with king Daniel Reigning as Monarch With no heir to the throne currently and the government structure consists of a Privy council.

Government structure

The Government structure is solely dictated by the king, who wields absolute power and possesses the authority to make decisions without seeking approval from other branches of the government. This absolute control allows the king to shape policies and enact laws based on their own discretion and without the need for approval.

Privy Council

The Privy Council is a small group of advisory councillors.

personally picked by the monarch these councillors do not hold power over the king

but can be assigned specific roles or tasks.

they are allowed to start the process of law making but these laws

must be approved by the king.

Law and order

The laws are created by the privy council and must be approved by the monarch in order to be valid. These laws once approved will be printed to be kept in a dedicated physical archive. Within the confines of the kings office these laws are then copied and made visible for the public to ensure they are understood and obeyed. And for the royal decrees enacted by the ruling monarch are by default law and must be obeyed these decrees will provided in a digital document so they are understood. These royal decrees do not need approval from the privy council and bypass the process of law making.

Midnorthean armed forces

Midnorthean Navy

The Midnorthean Navy has very little vessels with the largest being used for fishing in peace time and it being used for transport in war time. The Midnorthean Navy Does not have a standing admiral due to fears of rebellion.

Midnorthean Army

The Army of Midnorth is a proud branch of the armed forces, with it being the most experienced branch with many wars and conflicts won. The army at its height had 4 soldiers. The Midnorthean army does not have any awards at this point.

The midnorthean army does not have a standing general due to its history of rising up against the former republic.

Midnorthean Air Force

The Midnorthean higher ups saw no use for an Air force, so Midnorth never had an air force.

Geography and climate

The Kingdom of Midnorth is situated just outside the Midnorth region, experiencing mild wet winters and hot, dry summers. The majority of the land is covered in grassy areas.

Wars And conflicts

Midnorthean Flag Flying in the wind

Midnorth-Godless Conflict (8 May 2022 - 9 may 2022)

Eighth Eponian-Pochehovan War (9 may 2022 - 15 Aug)

Midnorth-Godless Cold War (9 may 2022 - 13 2022)

First Midnorth-Godless War (13 may 2022 - 1 august 2022)

Midnorthean Civil War (1 August 2022 - 3 Aug 2022 )

First whyallian-Midnorthean War (25 September 2022 - 24 October 2022)

Second whyallian-Midnorthean (7 November 2022 - 24 November 2022)

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