Republic of Molossia/sco

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Republic ae Molossie
Respubliko de Molossia (Esperanto)
Flag of Republic of Molossia/sco
Coat of arms of Republic of Molossia/sco
Coat of arms
Motto: "Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained"
Anthem: "Fair Molossie’s Our Hame"
Location ae Molossien claims in the United States
Location ae Molossien claims in the United States
CapitalBaughston (formerly Espera)
Largest cityDesert Homestead
Other languagesEnglish, Esperanto[1]
GovernmentPresidential republic (de jure)
Dictatorship (de facto)
• President
Kevin Baugh
• First Lady
Adrianne Baugh
• Chief Constable
Alexis Baugh
LegislatureNational Assembly
Establishment26 May 1977
(as Vuldstein)
3 September 1999
(as Molossie)
Membership30 humans, 4 dugs
Time zoneUTC-7:41 ( Molossien Standard Time)
IMSO 1 codeMOL

Molossie, mer commonly known as the Republic ae Molossie, is a micranaition in Dayton, Nevada, en wae an enclave in San Bernardino coontie, Southern California. It’s wan ae the auldest micranaitions in existence, as the successor tae the Grand Republic ae Vuldstein, foundit by James Spielman en Kevin Baugh, noo servin as the current leader since it transformed fae a monarchy tae a republic in September 1999.

Vuldstein wis foundit in May 1977 en locatit in Portland, Oregon, en wis active fur a short period ae time that lastit tae the end ae the year when King James moved tae another citie withoot renouncing hee’s claim tae the throne, leavin the Grand Republic in a state ae inactivity. Baugh took control ae the naition fur the next twinty-wan years, wae different transitions tae several nomadic kingdoms, then a People’s Democratic Republic in 1998 tae it’s current state.

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