Republic of Narconia

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Republic of Narconia
Motto: Libertas Consilium (Latin: Liberty by design)
Anthem: National anthem of Example
File:Connecticut, United States
Largest cityTeleria
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentConstitutional Parliamentary Elective-Monarchy
• Elected Monarch
Queen Carynna Mott
• Prime Minister
Jake Longley
• Census

The Republic of Narconia is a micronation founded on the 27th of March, 2014 as a semi-serious attempt by a group of Connecticut high school students to found their own independent government.


The name Narconia is a temporary name derived from a conversation about the TV show Beaking Bad.


The Republic was founded on March 27, 2014 in the library of Metropolitan Business Academy, a high school in Connecticut.

Government and politics

Narconia uses a system of government similar to that of Great Britain, in that it uses a system of Ministries to create laws and has a Parliament to run government affairs. It is different in that it opperates using a Two-Branch system; one in charge of all parliamentary affairs, and one in charge of all ministries.

Law and order

Narconia has yet to establish a judiciary system.

Foreign relations

Narconia has so far only had official relations with the Republic of Gladland, a similar micronation based in the Sound School in New Haven.


Narconia's military is very limited at this point in time, due to its relatively low population. It has a strong military in mind for the future however, with the Ministry of Panda Warfare and the Ministry of Robotic Warfare already established.

Geography and climate

Narconia consists of several City States spaning accross Connecticut. Its only currently established cities are New Brigham, with a population of 4, and Teleria, with a population of 6. It has a standard New England climate, generaly mild year-round. [edit]


Narconia has an extreme form of Laizzes-faire Capitalism, with each citizen making and spending money however they please. It collects no money through taxes of any kind.


The national language of Narconia is English, although the Ministry of Cultural Affairs is hard at work developing one. Narconia currently recognizes Pastafarianism as its official religion

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