Republic of Novaland

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Capital Municipality of Novaland

Official languages English, French, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Breton, Scots, Irish, Manx,Welsh, Cornish

Denomyn Novalander, Newlander

Government Semi-presidential republic
President of the Republic of Novaland Vacant

Legislature National Assembly
- Type Unicameral
Seats 5

– Formation April 25, 2014

Area claimed 0,06 km2

Population 6

Currency Novalander Dollar ($)

GDP 22,893($)

Drives on the Right

Date formats

The Republic of Novaland is a micronation that claims as its territory the properties of its citizens. The Capital City is located in Bretagne, in France. The population and the area is about six people.


Establishment and Principality

Someone claimed sovereignty and legitimacy of Novaland on 25 April 2014 as Prince. On the basis of his interpretation of international law, he judged that every man "owns his freedom." he conferred at the country all the powers to carry out is mission of freedom and justice. All of the Principality's territories are independent from any country in the world by the "Novaland's Independence Declaration". The Prince decreed by the same time, this day "National holiday". The then Prince decided to build a country of liberties.

On the 10th May 2014, the Prince decided to abdicate in favor of a republican government, establishing the Republic of Novaland.

Troubles and Transitional government

After he abdicated, a transitional government took power until the presidential elections on May, 18 th, 2014. Dan Flag, an independent candidate, attempted to seize power by force. The presidential elections were finally organised and was elected as first president after his reign as Prince.

Semi-presidential republic

The new president proclaimed the Republic just after his election (May, 18th, 2014). The president took very important decrees about the health. The head of state moved the capital from Bretagne to Charente-Maritime, still located in France.

Novaland in Sorrenian Federation (May, 15th, 2014 - June, 6th, 2014)

The Republic of Novaland was a concession of the Sorrenian Federation until on June, 6th, 2014. Novaland secedes from the Federation due to a different world view about ethics and the human role in the world.

Novaland after the Sorrenian Federation (June 6th, 2014 - )

On January 15, the capital moved to Bretagne again. On April 17, several languages were recognized as officials. The 25th of April was celebrated the first anniversary of the state of Novaland. There was a huge party for the opportunity.

Legal status

Novaland's claim that it is an independent state is founded on the following proposition:

  1. A man can manage himself and has all the rights on his independence.

Currently, Novland is not recognized by any nation or organization.


Novaland is a semi-presidential republic with certain atypical characteristics.

  1. The majority age is 16 years old.


The President is elected by universal suffrage by the citizens. However, he or she can be dismissed after a referendum that can be organized by obtaining 50% of citizens' signatures on a petition. In Novaland, the president is the only representative of the government; he possesses the military power and the judiciary power with the parliament. The president can propose laws and must enforce the workplace legislation. He can also use the referendum and dissolve the parliament.


Parliament is elected every two years by the citizens. There are actually five positions. The parliament can votes and proposes laws. It owns the judiciary power (with the Prince). The parliament can't votes motions against the government. The parliament must have to debate a petition which obtained at least 50% of citizens' signatures.


Citizens can vote from 16 years old. They can dissolve the parliament and dismiss the president by referendum by the way of a petition. They can propose laws to the parliament by petitions.

Heads of State

Prince ????? (April 25th, 2014 - May 10th, 2014)

Someone was the first and the only prince of Novaland. He is of French origin.

Transitional government (May 10th, 2014 - May 18th, 2014)

The transitional government took place until the presidential elections.

First president of the Republic of Novaland, ????? (May 18th, 2014 - )

??????? (Populist Party), became the first president of the Republic of Novaland after be elected with 100% of the votes against Dan Flag (Independent).

Administrative Divisions

Administrative Divisions of Novaland
Flag Shield Name of the Province Province Region Capital Population Area (est.)
Official language(s) Head of
Provinces of Novaland
Drapeau.png Drapeau.png Municipality of
NL Bretagne Municipality of
6 unknown English, Breton ''Someone''
Territories of Novaland
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Overseas Territories of Novaland
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Symbols and Culture

The culture of Novaland, is a culture influenced by many countries in the World.


Celtic languages recognized in Novaland

There are several recognized languages in Novaland. This is due to the enactment of the Languages' act of April 17, 2015. All Celtic languages are now recognized in addition of English, French, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish and Russian.

National holidays

Important days :

  1. National Holiday : April 25
  2. Cactus Day : March 21
  3. Liberties Day : August 1
  4. New Year : January 1
  5. Labor Day : November 15
  6. Prince Day : January 13 → Republic Day
  7. Novaland Carnival Day : The president chooses the date


There are elections in Novaland every two years for elect the President and every year for elect the Parliament, the last one on May 18, 2014. There are two parties in Novaland. Any citizen is able to form a party and run in elections.

Dave Parnell leaved the Populist Party to create his own party, Democrats, on April 17, 2015.

Political Parties

There are two active parties in Novaland.

Alliance Party Name Emblem Leader Position Seats
National Assembly
Nationalist Union Populist Party PP.png Bryan Adams Populism
1 / 5
Democrats Democrats.png Dave Parnell Right
0 / 5
No Alliance Independents Independent sticker big.jpg Vacant Varies
4 / 5


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