Republic of Promesa

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Republic of Promesa

(Hebrew) רפובליקה של הבטחה
(Yiddish) רעפובליק פון דער הבטחה
(Spanish) República de Promise

(Polish) Republika Obietnicy

State Flag

Civil Flag
Coat of arms
Motto: Promesa Protected Under God
Anthem: TBA
CapitalRaquel de Ciudad
Largest cityNiesamowite
Official languagesNone Official de facto English
GovernmentUnitary semi-presidential republic
• President
Ariel Lederman
• Vice President
Dominick Rhenals
LegislaturePromeshe Fedralis
EstablishmentJune 21, 2014
• Census
CurrencyUSD, Promeshe Shekel
Time zoneEastern Daylight Time

The Republic of Promesa was a unitary presidential constitutional republic founded on June 21, 2014. The Republic has had significant influence on the micronational community during its existence, such as by creating a territory inside the liberal republic, Shaoshan. The former Hamlinian Republic president, Casey Hamlin was a Chief Adviser to the President. The Republics' short life was due to there no longer being a need of sovereignty and many citizens wanting to return to the U.S..


The term Republic came from the Latin term 'res publica' that evolved into the the French word 'republique', which in turn evolved into the Modern English word "Republic". Promesa is the Spanish word for 'promise'.


The politics in Promesa were divided. In mainland Promesa, the majority of politicians are part of the Promeshe Conservative Party and are either moderate or staunch in their conservative political views, besides from one or two liberal views in mainland Promesa, these people do not affiliate with a political party. Marxia is a communist territory of Promesa inside the Republic of Shaoshan run by the Shaoshanian President Titus Smith and Promeshe President Ariel Lederman, in a joint venture and as made obvious by its name, all of its citizens are part of the part of the Promeshe Progressive Unity Party.

Law & Order

The way law works in Promesa is a but different then other nations. A designated group of five citizens regardless of political affiliation are chosen and informed of an unbiased (if possible) story of the crime, they will be then be seated before the witness and hear both the witnesses the state attorney and the person on trial. This council then decides the fate and/or sentence/fee of the felony or misdemeanor. The Promeshe code of law was never released.

Foreign relations


List of macronations

List of Micronations


Promesa has some form of Military but is not strong enough to fight outside its borders. It consists of some members of the Promeshe Government, including the President, and some mercenaries which helped battle the Promeshe Civil War, there will be campaigns this year for expansion (through peaceful actions) of territorial means to build Promesa military to help maintain the existence of the Republic.

Geography and climate

Throughout most of the year, Promesa maintains very humid temperatures, as its territorial claims are very industrialized, it however is on swamp land which tends to be very humid. It receives slightly colder temperatures in the winter averaging on 60 degrees fahrenheit.


Promesa's Economy was never very big, but it never suffered from Inflation or financial problems in it's young life. There was no need for economic expansion.

Abolished Government Positions

The Government is young but needed to remove some positions that no longer served the Promeshe Government. Such as the Prime Minister, the President thought this position no longer needed in Promesa, as the PM of Promesa wanted to succeed from the country, and he did not care much for the Promeshe Government. He allowed for the succession but abolished the PM position, as there was no longer need for it.


All Education in Promesa is provided by the United States. Culture in Promesa is a hybrid of sorts. With integration of Israeli and Colombian culture as well as American and a unique drops of new culture. A document explaining Promeshe culture will be written by the President and will also be explained further once this document was supposed to be released but the Nation is no longer in existence.


Promesa has no official Religion, as the government and citizens believe in freedom of Religion but there is a significant Jewish population inside Promesa, as the President himself is Jewish. There is also a significant population of Christians as well as irreligious Monotheists that do not associate themselves with religion. There are also Spiritual Religions as well including Law of Attraction there are differing religions.


The Official News Outlet For Promesa is Promeshe News Today. It delivers the major news that goes on in the Republic, and does not have any political affiliation and is listed below.

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