Republic of Quadratus

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The Republic of Quadratus was a micronation founded in late 2007, located on real-world Isle Royale in Lake Superior.


The history of Quadratus is divided into three main parts: The Pre-Petersonist Era, the Petersonist Era, and the Post-Petersonist Era.

Pre-Petersonist Era

Quadratus was established in 1876, by island colonists who broke off from America after being inspired by the People of Orb. But due to the terrain of their island, being almost entirely mountains and thus virtually impossible to farm. The results were that because Quadratus did not have enough food, so businesses left, which left many unemployed, which caused mass poverty, which meant that they could not buy food from the United States or Canada. Meanwhile, Orb, situated strategically on Manitoulin Island in Lake Huron had loads of usable farmland as well as all sorts of minerals to mine as well as an industrious, proud population, which lead to widespread prosperity and wealth. This caused the people of Quadratus to feel envious toward the Orbins, and eventually, these feelings of envy turned to hate, which lead to the rise of the nationalist party led by Howard Peterson in 1970, and the revolution that occurred from the start of the civil war in 1973 to the fall of the old Quadratian republic in 1978, this marked the end of the Pre-Petersonist Era.

Petersonist Era

The Petersonist Era officially began after the collapse of the old Quadratian republic and Howard Peterson being made Prime Minister. This marked the beginning of the age of destruction, failure, war, and despair in Quadratian history. The government that Peterson promised would bring prosperity and greatness to their nation actually brought nothing, it did nothing at all. This was only made worse by the war that was started when Quadratus invaded orb in 1979. Orb's people were horrified and furious at the people of Quadratus so Orb launched a full-blown blitzkrieg invasion of Quadratus. From 1979 until the war's end in 1983 Quadratus was pummeled by missiles and military occupation. Quadratus was then left in ruins. Peterson was in addition, a sociopath with a severly perverted mind. He would release dangerous criminals upon the population to wreak havoc. He would send secret police to abduct people. What happened to these people after this is unknown. Peterson died in 1991 after a heart attack from eating some excessively spicy nachos. Despite this, his officials continued to maintain his government. The Petersonist republic continued as a rump state until 2008 when an Orbin spy plane flew over and took pictures of the decrepit dystopia that existed. After this, Orb invaded Quadratus and took over the island attempting to install a new government. This officially ended the Petersonist Era.

Post-Petersonist Era

This age officially began when the Petersonist government collapsed after the invasion of Quadratus. The plan was to then make a new government to run the nation. This attempt was thwarted when the Orbin terrorist, Roger Vivix, took over Quadratus's southern portion, forcing the new government to flee to the north, thus leading to the creation of two separate states: North Quadratus, and South Quadratus. This lasted for about nine months during which war was waged against the two sides: North Quadratus and Orb vs. South Quadratus. South Quadratus collapsed on September 5, 2008, when the coalition (Orb and N. Quadratus) invaded South Quadratus and ousted the government and Premier Vivix. On September 9, 2008, North and South Quadratus were reunited and a new flag was adopted. The capital was moved back to Kent/Siskiwitburg/Vivixgrad and its name returned to Kent.


Quadratians live a somewhat "makeshift" lifestyle, existing in poor conditions. Usually inhabiting damaged, dilapidated buildings. While religion in Quadratus (traditionally Methodist Christian), was largely crushed by Peterson, the divine is still worshipped in many parts of Quadratus and religion is on the rise again. People will go to bombed-out churches with unfolded cardboard boxes covering massive holes in the roof and stain glass windows broken and statues in ruins. The groceries of Quadratus are usually in a state of ruin as well, floor tiles cracked or even missing, the shelves being held together with duct tape and lighting fixtures that many of whom do not work. There are two Quadratian TV networks: QS South and QS North, QS South are only available in the southern region of Quadratus, and QS North is only available in the northern Quadratus. Both are state-run and include entirely Quadratian programming, with one exception with QS North, which has since October 10, 2008, been airing some of the typically Orbin television show Mr. Greenbeans. This is because of Northern Quadratus being more open to Orbin culture than the heavily nationalist southern Quadratus, which prefers to "Keep it Quadratian".


As of November 8, 2008, Quadratus's government has only just been put back together, with the new Chancellor to be inaugurated in January 2009. The Chancellor-elect, Joshua Renaldi, has promised "Many renovations to our tired, abused nation" as he phrased it in his victory speech on Nov/8/2008. The senate is the main law-making body of the government, with the Chancellor overseeing all that it does and serving as the head of state. Under the constitution, all laws and actions of the government must be put to a popular vote, including a declaration of war. An exception is included, if the senate and Chancellor deem a state of emergency then the Chancellor is given almost total power and the senate's job becomes an advisory board to the Chancellor. Each Chancellor may serve up to four terms that each last two years.


Quadratians live much simpler lifestyles, and most prefer that lifestyle, feeling suffocated if surrounded by technology and excessive wealth, the preferred genre of music is typically folk music with instruments such as the banjo, harmonica, flute, and occasionally a snare drum or fiddle. Though recently, especially among the youth, rock and pop have become popular after Orbin, Canadian, and of course, American, cultures have been allowed to come to Quadratus.