Republic of Runwich

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Republic of Runwich
Flag of Runwich
Coat of arms of Runwich
Coat of arms
Motto: "Ydym yn wirioneddol fendigedig"
"We are truly blessed"
Location of Runwich in the British Isles
Location of Runwich in the British Isles
LocationWales, United Kingdom
Largest RegionThe Pelagusia
Official languagesEnglish, Welsh
GovernmentDemocratic republic
• President
Morgan Daniel
120 km2 (46 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• 2022 census
CurrencyPound sterling (£) (GBP)
Time zoneUTC+0 (GMT)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Driving sideright
Internet TLD.rn (proposed)

The Republic of Runwich is a sovereign micronation situated within the United Kingdom. Runwich claims a small area of land within the Wales. The Republic of Runwich was founded on 9 July 2021, by the current President of Runwich.

The Republic of Runwich holds claim to a independently-owned area of 630 square feet of territory.


The name Runwich derives from the two old Celtic words, run and wich. The meaning of these words have been lost in translation, but it is believed that they mean either liberty or freedom.


Pre-establishment era (2020-2022)

The Pre-Establishment Era of Runwich began in 2020, where President M decided he wanted to develop his own micronation, after being inspired by others. During this era, no symbols or government has been created but the idea was clear.

Throughout 2021, President M founded a micronation known as Cathia, unfortunately the micronation disolved on 3 January 2022.

In May 2022, President M attempted to create a new micronation known as the Danya Republic, but this idea for a micronation was scrapped.

Finally in June 2022, President M created the idea for the Republic of Runwich.

Planning era (2022)

In June 2022, President M began planning and brainstorming ideas for his micronation, including ideas for names, flags, symbols and land claims. The name he decided on for his micronation was Runwich, with the "wich" pronounced like the "wich" in "sandwich".

Republic of Ærkunshville

During this time, President M's friends created a tongue-in-cheek micronation known as "Ærkunshville". President M partook in the creation of "Ærkunshville" along with a proposal of a flag. President M was voted President of Ærkunshville along with President Olly of Ærkunshville, after two weeks President M decided to resign as president. President Olly is currently still active as the Ærkunshvillean President.

Runnish-Ærkunshvillean Conflict

On 13 July 2022, A Runnish-Ærkunshvillean anonymous became legislator of The Republic of Runwich. When Olly, President of Ærkunshville discovered this information he stated that "Ærkunshivlle first, Danya (President M's second attempt at a micronation) second the best and Runwich with the hairy chest." This created a conflict with Runwich and Ærkunshville soon after.

Establishment Era (2022-)

After 2 years of planning, on 10 July. President M established the Republic of Runwich and Foreignali Territories.

Signing of the Declaration of Independence

On 10 July 2022, President M signed the Runnish declaration of independence from Great Britian in the capital, Thynsta.

Return of the Foreignali Territories to the United Kingdom

On 11 July 2022, the people of Runwich voted for the government of Runwich to return the foreignali territories back to the United Kingdom. 100% of the voters voted that the territories are given back to the United Kingdom, the two Runnish citizens living inside of the Cathiania Territory, are still Runnish citizen and can still participate in voting despite not ling in Runwich anymore.

Administrative and former regions


Pelagusia is the largest piece of land owned by Runwich, it being the home of President M and also where the main administrative office is situated. There is only one one city located in Pelagusia, which is the capital city, Thysta. The population of Pelagusia Territory is three.

Cathiania Territory

The Cathiania Territory was a small area of land owned by Runwich, with only a population of two. On 11 July 2022 Runwich gave the Cathiania Territory along with Naturaterras back to the United Kingdom.


Naturaterras was a fairly large area of a field which had been claimed by Runwich. Many people entered Naturaterras for multiple reasons, Naturaterras has the highest tourism out of all Runnish territories. Naturaterras had no permanent population excluding animals. Naturaterras features a fairly small lake, which provided all the water terrain of Runwich. On the 11th of July, Runwich gave Naturaterras along with the Cathiania Territory back to The United Kingdom.


Runwich is a officially secular country, with 100% of its population have no faith.


Runnish terrain is currently completely flat with no mountains. Runwich is 88% soil and grass and 12% water due to a small lake located in Naturaterras.


Due to Runwich being located in the United Kingdom, the weather and climate in Runwich is the same as the United Kingdom. In warmer seasons such as spring and summer it is estimated to usually be around 15-20 °F but in colder season such as winter and autumn 2-5 °C.


There is no need for currency in Runwich as there is no economy or buisnesses inside of the micronation. In the future, a concept for a Runnish currency may be considered. Currently the main concept is a "Runnish dollar" but for now the official currency is the British pound sterling.

Culture and media

Recognized national holidays

Date Name Description
1 January New Year’s Day Celebrating the new year of the Gregorian Calendar.
10 July Runwich Day Celebrating the day that Runwich declared independence.
21 July National Feast Day A Runnish holiday where you may feast on whatever food you wish, a day to be grateful for your food.
24 December Christmas Eve Day before Christmas.
25 December Christmas Day Celebrating the birth of Christ.
31 December New Year's Eve Day before New Year’s Day.

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