Republic of Svyatoy

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Republic of Svyatoy
Республика Святой (Russian)
Рецпіблікь Святой (Svyatoyan)
Республіка Свіатоя (Ukrainian)
Flag of the Republic of Svyatoy
Motto: "Навсегда сплоченный, вечно сильный!" (Russian)
"Ноглевій зіөавнүц, нахавліэ сторке!" (Svyatoyan)
Назавжди об’єднавшись, назавжди сильний! (Ukrainian)
"Forever united, forever strong!"
LocationUnited Kingdom
CapitalPetropavlivs'ka Borshchahivka
Largest cityCapital
Official languages(Svyatoyan)
Ethnic groups
GovernmentAnocratic semi-parliamentary & de facto totalitarian dictatorship
• President
Oleksandr Georgiyovich Tsimbalyuk
Position vacant
LegislatureState Legislature of the Republic of Svyatoy
• Independence
28 March 2023
• Constitution drafted & ratified
Event in progress
• Water (%)
• 2023 estimate
very high
CurrencySvyatoyan Ruble
Time zoneUTC+0 and +2 (GMT+0)
Date formatyyyy/dd/mm
Driving sideleft
Calling code+44
No official website.

The Republic of Svyatoy, more commonly known as Svyatoy, is a micronation in Europe. Svyatoy was formed on 28 March and lays claim to regions of the United Kingdom.

The government is run by an anocracy, meaning a government with partially dictatorial and partially democratic elements.

Svyatoy has made significant attempts to distance itself from the micronational community, but attempts to still have a presence within it, albeit small.


The name Svyatoy comes from the Russian word Святой (svyatoy or svyatoĭ), meaning "Holy". As such, the Republic of Svyatoy could be considered as the "Holy Republic" in Russian.


Svyatoy was founded on 28 March 2023 by Oleksandr Georgiyovich Tsimbalyuk, the nation's first President, from a desire for independence from the United Kingdom.

Politics and government

The government of Svyatoy is an anocratic semi-parliamentary and de facto totalitarian dictatorship, meaning it has democratic elements for its legislature but a dictatorial system for its head of state, and government.


The President of the Republic of Svyatoy has absolute power over the Republic, but can be ousted from power with a minimum 95% vote in favour by the State Legislature, in accordance with Political Order No.1. If the President is ousted this way, the legislature will elect one of its own to be interim President until a general election for the population can be held.

Vice President

The Vice President of the Republic of Svyatoy is the head of government and runs the legislature. They are appointed by the President and serve at their pleasure, but can be ousted in accordance with Political Order No.2, which states that the Vice President can be ousted by the legislature with a 90% or more vote. When the Vice President is ousted in this way, the President may appoint a new one.

State Legislature

The State Legislature of the Republic of Svyatoy is composed of 15 seats (this expands as the nation grows) and can be filled by a party member elected for the role. The legislature is run by a system of proportional representation, whereby the percentage of vote each party gets will determine how many seats they are given.

Political parties

Logo Name Party Leader Spectrum Ideologies State Legislature Presidential Cabinet
Svyatoyan Expansion Party SEP Oleksandr Georgiyovich Tsimbalyuk Militarism, expansionism, free market capitalism, totalitarianism, Christian nationalism
0 / 15
0 / 5

Law and order

Policing is handled on land by the Svyatoy Land Forces's 1st Civil Policing Regiment, 2nd Civil Policing Regiment and 3rd Civil Policing Regiment, and on the seas and coastal areas by the Svyatoy Naval Service's Maritime Policing Brigade.


The Svyatoy Armed Forces are the official military of Svyatoy. More information can be found on their Wiki page.

Foreign relations

Svyatoy has no international recognition whatsoever.

Admnistrative regions

Constituencies in Svyatoy are divided into Oblasts and further into Raions.

Flag Name Area Population Officials
Ulyts'ko-Seredkevychi Oblast Unknown. Unknown. None.
Shaposhnikoy Oblast Unknown. Unknown. None.

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