Republic of Thulia

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This article is also available in Swedish and Thulian.
Republic of Thulia
Republiken Thulia (Swedish)
Ŕertékóneá Ńotkóa (Thulian (LTA))
Paråtüoqtb Jnåüoi (Mussian)
Flag of Republic of Thulia
Coat of arms of Republic of Thulia
Coat of arms
Motto: Æŕa àń Ńotkóa!
(English: Glory to Thulia!)
Anthem: Ńotkósna oýmáeá
A map of Thulia displaying the capital, the Presidential office and the provinces.
A map of Thulia displaying the capital, the Presidential office and the provinces.
CapitalEl castillo del gato
Largest cityPresidential office
Official languages
Common languages
No official state religion
GovernmentUnitary republic
• President
Svante Axelsson
• Vice president
Linus Hall
• Prime minister
Rasmus Axelsson
LegislatureState council of Thulia
from Sweden
• Established
1 Febuary 2022 (speculated)
• Recognized (by Väsmanland)
8 May 2022
• Recognized (by Eintrachtia)
23 July 2022
• Total
0.007751 km2 (0.002993 sq mi)
• Estimate
7, 3 humans, 4 cats (2 live, 2 deceased)
• Density
903/km2 (2,338.8/sq mi)
Membership14, 10 humans, 4 cats (2 live, 2 deceased)
Time zoneUTC+1
• Summer (DST)
Date formatyyyy/mm/dd
Calling code+46

Thulia, formally the Republic of Thulia (/θuːlɪa/, th-OO-liah; Thulian: Ŕertékóneá Ńotkóa) is a micronation in Western Närke, Sweden. It borders Sweden in all directions. Thulia has a Swedish enclave in the middle of the country. Thulia has a population of 7 and a population density of 903 inhabitants per square kilometre. At 0.007751 km² (0.002992678 sq mi), it is the largest micronation in Western Närke.


The name Thulia comes from a song by Wilbur Soot, "My L'Manburg". In the second verse he sings "the beauty of the landscape overthrew ya". In the ears of the future president Svante Axelsson it sounded more like: "the beauty of the landscape over Thulia".


The first instance of Thulia was on a Minecraft-server. Svante had a great idea. He wanted to make a settlement surrounded by big blackstone walls. And he called it L'Monstadt. Later L'Monstadt became the headquarter of the new country Thulia, the virtual one. (Main article: Virtual Thulia)

The idea for the IRL Thulia was put into existence when the future president read an article about micronations on the internet. He thought of it but dismissed the thought for the time being. Some time later he and his mom was out on a walk when Svante came to think of the idea about making a micronation. He told his mom and when they came back home from the walk, Svante declared the future Presidential office as a sovereign nation. Later that week he was staying at his grandparents house. They were watching Angels & Demons. Since the whole movie circles around the Vatican City, Svante remembered the micronation in his bedroom and thought of expanding it. He messaged his dad, the future prime minister, and told him that instead of Thulia just being the bedroom, it could be the entire estate around the residential building. The father said he would defend the residential building with potato cannons so that building needed to remain Swedish territory.


Administrative divisions

Flag Province Code Governor Vice governor Date established Capital Population
Flag of korskaay.png Korskaay KO Sigge (deceased) Tesla June 2022 El castillo del gato ~4
Flag of mornerkaay.png Mornerkaay MO Musti Ludwig (deceased) June 2022 Presidential office ~3
Flag of new greenland.png New Greenland NG Eleanor Heinonen Alvin Hansson 4 August 2022 N/A 0

Culture and media

As of July 2022 you don't need to pay any customs when entering Thulia. But there is an ongoing debate about if dog owners should pay customs to get their dog over the border. There are also no schools in the country. The children in Thulia (Svante Axelsson) goes to a school over in Sweden.

Enough with the "there is no", because now we'll talk about the arts in Thulia. There are many artists in Thulia. Like the prime minister who likes to print shirts with screen printing. The prime minister has printed shirts since along time ago. In the residential building (the Swedish enclave) there is a whole folder filled with these screens.

A picture of S:t Evert, the patron saint of Thulia