Republic of Todia

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Republic of Todia
Catalan: República de Todia
Flag of Todia
Coat of arms of Todia
Coat of arms
Motto: "Libertas ante omnis" (Latin)
"Freedom before all" (English)
Anthem: Freedom and Peace
Map of Europe, Todia, marked with the green dot.
Map of Europe, Todia, marked with the green dot.
CapitalCity of Todia
Official languagesCatalan
Recognised regional languages
Scheduled languages
Ethnic groups
40% White
20% Asian
20% Arab
20% Indian
Secular state (no official state religion)
40% Islam
20% Catholic
20% Protestant
20% Hindu
GovernmentUnitary presidential republic under a non-partisan democracy
• President
Christian Laudani
• Vice President
LegislatureGeneral Assembly
from Italy
• Establishment
24 April 2022
• January 2023 estimate
18 citizens
HDI (2022)0.824
very high
CurrencyTodian franc (TFR)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
Date formatdd-mm-yy
Driving sideright
Calling code+39

The Republic of Todia (Catalan: República de Todia) is a self-declared sovereign state, commonly know as a micronation by external observers and also known as Todia (TD). Todia is located in Europe, landlocked within Italy. Todia is a Presidential Republic under a non-partisan democracy. At the 2022 census, Todia has 14 registered inhabitants. The official language in Todia is Catalan and four recognized national languages: English, Italian, Russian and French. The Republic of Todia is an observer of the Pacific Association of Micronations, a provisional member of the League of Independent Nations and was also a member of the defunct Union of Peace. Todia scores a 3.8 on Roscoe's Scale of Micronational Seriousness, a 3.2 on David's Micronational Potential Index, and a 4.0 on the Categoric-Gradial System of Classification. The Republic of Todia has a space agency the Todia Space Agency. Since 14 Decemeber 2022 with the Presidential Decree N.01, approved by the Presidential Council, the Republic of Todia recognises six new langauges: German, Kazakh, Arabic, Chinese, Indonesian and Japanese. Todia scored a 9.0 out of 10 on the Micronational Democracy Index making it the 8th micronation in the Micronational Democracy Index list.



Todia was formed on 24 April 2022 by the current President Christian Laudani. Todia is considered to be the successor of the Republic of Christiania, founded in 2019 and dissolved on 31 December 2021. The form of the state was inspired by several countries in europe like San Marino, Monaco and Andorra. Todia has established its first diplomatic relations on 8 June 2023 with Principality of Sancratosia and continued to establish diplomatic relations with several nations. During June 2022 the Todian Discord server suffered an informatic attack carried out by Terry McKeen III. The capital city of the Republic of Todia is City of Todia located in the District of Northern Todia. In May 2023 the country started using Catalan as sole official language. In June 2023 Todia became a member of the OMENU and submitted membership applications for the League of Independent Nations and the Grand Unified Micronational.


The Republic of Todia is situated at an elevation of 400mt on the sea level. Situated at 20 km from the Ligurian riviera, the Todian climate is a typical meditterean climate with temperatures that in summer (2022) can reach even 40 degrees and in winter -5 degrees. Near Todia various animals can be seen like Grey-Doves and Sparrows, also sometimes snakes can be seen. Todia is joined to the central-western section of the European continent by the Alps. Due to its position, it constitutes a bridge between Europe and Africa. Todia has a prevalence of hilly areas (41.6% of the territory) compared to mountainous areas (35.2% of the territory), or flat areas (23.2%). The Todian soil today is the result of anthropization and is partly mountainous, partly hilly, partly volcanic, partly endolagunar with bumps, polesine, islands, dried up by reclamation.


The Republic of Todia is split into three Districts:

  • District of Northern Todia; Capital city: City of Todia.
  • District of Central Todia; Capital city: Novotodivsk.
  • District of Southern Todia; Capital city: Llibertat.

And one Special Administrated Overseas Department:

The capital city City of Todia is located in the District of Northern Todia. The three districts form the province of Greater Todia.


Christian Laudani
President of Todia
Vice President of Todia


According to the Constitution, Todia is governed under a Unitary presidential republic under a non-partisan democracy, with the President, Christian Laudani, as head of state. The executive power is exercised by the Vice President as the head of government, who presides over the Presidential Council, alongside the President and the High Councellor.

The prerogative to propose and promulgate laws belongs to the General Assembly, which has the power to modify current laws and approve and propose new laws. This shared legislative power is also applied for every revision of the Constitution.

Foreign relations

Todia recognises unilaterally all the micronations (except for Arcadia, Almendria and Fontasia that are considered terroristic assosiations) which adhere to the declarative theory of statehood (every state that have a defined territory, a permanent population, a government and the capacity to enter in relation with other micronational states) is de facto recognized by Todia. Currently Todia has diplomatic missions in Indonesia, the Netherlands, Poland and Italy. On 25 April 2022 the Republic of Todia founded its first embassy in Italy. It maintains unilateral recognition with Kosovo, Palestine, Taiwan, Artsakh, and Seborga.

The Republic of Todia is an observer of the OMENU, Pacific Association of Micronations and was a member of the defunct Union of Peace.

Countries that have established informal diplomatic relations with Todia
Countries that signed a mutual recognition treaty with Todia
Country Treaty signed on Date of establishment Notes
 Principality of Sancratosia 8 June 2022 1 December 2021 Host of Digi Micro Summit
Lovinia 2 July 2022 2016
 Kotland 4 July 2022 26 April 2022
Kingdom of Great Esteria 8 August 2022 2022 Attendee of Digi Micro Summit
Republic of Victor 13 August 2022 January 2022
 Democratic Republic of Satoshi 23 August 2022 12 February 2022 Host of Digi Micro Summit
 Republic of Poets 26 August 2022 6 July 2022 Attendee of Digi Micro Summit
 Second Crowned Republic of Yu-Xia 27 August 2022 3 February 2020 Member of the Cupertino Alliance
Empire of Yamatai 7 September 2022 22 July 2022
Empire of Vishima 31 October 2022 2022
Republic of Terredepaix 20 November 2022 27 August
 Empire of Belangard 1 January 2023 15 October 2021 Attendee of Digi Micro Summit

Unrecognised countries
Country Establishment date Leader Category Notes
 North Korea 9 September 1948 Kim Jong-Un

(eternal president: Kim Il-Sung)

Macronation Not recognised for violating human rights of North-Korean People
 China 1 October 1949 Xi Jinping Macronation Not recognised for violating the sovereignty of the Republic of China (Taiwan)
Tsardom of Arcadia Unknown Terry McKeen III Micronation Responsible for raiding the Todian infrastructure
Almendria 1 January 2016 Tizian Aruna Micronation Responsible for raiding the Todian infrastructure
Kingdom of Fontasia 1 March 2022 Connor I Micronation Responsible for raiding the Todian infrastructure
Recognised countries
Country Establishment date Leader Category Notes
 Palestine 15 November 1988 Mahmoud Abbas Macronation Recognised instead of Israel
 Artsakh 10 December 1991 Arayik Harutyunyan Breakaway state Todia recognises as legitimate territory of Artsakh the current adminitsrated territories by Artsakh ad the occupied territories by Azerbaijan.
 Kosovo 17 February 2008 Vjosa Osmani Macronation
 Taiwan 7 December 1949 Tsai Ing-wen Macronation


Date National Holidays
1 January New Year's Day
27 January International Holocaust Remembrance Day
24 April Independence Day
25 April Liberation Day
1 May Worker's Day
21 October President's Day
24-25 December Christmas Eve and Day

The culture of Todia is closely linked to Italian, Ukrainian, Russian and Armenian culture because of the variety of cultures present in the country. The national Todian sport is swimming practiced mainly in summer but also in other seasons except winter. The national animal is the bear, which is also featured in the coat of arms.

The Republic of Todia has a national on-demand and live service that operates on YouTube. The official state-owned television network is the Todia Broadcasting Company (previously called TCTV) that broadcast on [1]. tbcFM is the state-owned radio service operated by Radiodifusió Todiá. tbcFM available worldwide for free on Zeno FM.

On 24 June 2022, the 2 months anniversary of the Republic of Todia, the first museum of the country was created, the Museum of the Car Model with over than 400 car models from all over the world was opened in City of Todia. The president at the grand opening said: "This is the first step to create an incredible cultural developement in Todia ".


See also: Trams in Todia

Currently Todia is building its Tramway that will connect all the cities in the country with a total of four lines. The first line,the Line 1, was inaugurated on 18 May 2023 by the President, who also presented the project and the rolling-stock of the Line 2, that will be opened in June. The Autoritat de Transport de Todia is the responsible and the owner of the tramway and the bus network of the country.

On 1 January 2023 the Ministry of Trasportation has founded TodiAir, the flagship airline of Todia. TodiAir will operate from the Todia International Airport, which shares its runaways with the Albenga Airport located in the Province of Savona, Italy.


See also: Coat of arms of Todia


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