Republic of Vlastia

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Republic of Vlastia
Coat of arms
Motto: Workers of the World, Unite!
Anthem: The Internationale
File:IL, US
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish (official)
GovernmentSingle-Party Socialist State
Establishment28 November 2012
• Census
CurrencyNovac (₦)
Time zoneEST

The Republic of Vlastia, informally known as simply Vlastia was a micronation founded in 2012. It was designed as a satirical political simulation.


The official date of founding of the Republic of Vlastia is quoted as 28 November 2012. It was originally stated to be a left-of-center republic with liberal tendencies. It soon became more left-wing, and in early July 2013, became a socialist state under the Communist Party of Vlastia.

Government and politics

The government of Vlastia was a single-party socialist state under the control of the Communist Party of Vlastia, a non-doctrinaire communist (communism without adjectives) party. The Chairman of the Party also served as the head of government due to his position as Prime Minister. The Party was the vanguard party of the people and served to protect socialism and the people.

The Communist Party of Vlastia

The Communist Party of Vlastia was the ruling party of the Republic of Vlastia. It was a communist party, meaning that Vlastia was a socialist state with all industry controlled by the government, minus imports, which are regulated and watched over. The Communist Party also had an official online newspaper, which also served as a theoretical journal at times, called The Worker's Journal. It was shut down in early December 2013, but refounded as the Vlastian Tribune in early 2014.

Law and order

The judicial system consisted entirely of the Supreme People's Court.


The Vlastian Revolutionary Army was the military of the Republic. It only consisted of the Ground Forces. The ruling committee of the armed forces was the National Defense Commission.


The Republic of Vlastia was dissolved in mid-2015.