Republic of Warung China

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Republic of Warung China
Coat of arms
Motto: Prospect to Perfect
Tujuan Menuju Kesempurnaan (Indonesian)
Anthem: National Anthem of Warung China

Administrative divisions of Warung China
CapitalKota Warung China
Largest cityWest Cangkuang
Official languagesIndonesian
GovernmentPresdiential Republic
• President
Heri Herwanto
LegislatureParliament of Warung China
Establishment9 March 2016
CurrencyIndonesian Rupiah
Artos Warung China
Time zoneUTC +7

Warung China (Indonesian for Chinese Stall), officially the Republic of Warung China, was an Indonesian micronation located in Rancaekek, West Java. Warung China establishment was declared on 9 March 2016 and turned inactive soon after starting contact with AIM members in mid-2016.

Warung China was a presidential republic, with Heri Herwanto as the president. Warung China's main export was their textile, and 95% of Warung China citizens speaks bilingually, with ability to speak both Sundanese and Indonesian. Islam is the official religion of Warung China.

During its entire existence, Warung China was highly dependent on its neigbour Arkapore. Its establishment was in fact supported and helped by Arkapore that was located only 3 km away from Warung China and its foreign policy was heavily guided by Tian Abdurrahman.

Administrative division

Warung China had five cities with its own characteristics:

  • City of Warung China serves as the national capital;
  • North Warung China (also called "Warung China Metropolitan"), the economic capital of Warung China, where markets and town hall were located;
  • South Warung China have one school;
  • West Warung China consist of 70% Farmland, and is the place where the majority of its citizens was farmer;
  • West Cangkuang located near to Bojong Menje temple, a historical site of Hinduism in Rancaekek. Indonesian Cangkuang National Park also located near West Cangkuang City;
  • Asia Agung (English: Great Asia) has a large manufacturing company.