Republic of Yerepublikia

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Yerepublikia is a country in the situated on an island called as Somalistralia in the Indian Ocean smashed between the Australian plate and the Somali plate, meaning it has a few experiences with earthquakes and tsunamis. It borders between the Republic of Arista, the Kingdom of Urich, the Sociliast Republic of Kontrasyen and Nasrulland.


18th century

Yerepublikia, or more specifically known the Island of Somaliastralia was found by sailors from the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth who used the island as a resting place when trading, though the island was never colonized until 1785.

19th century

1810 of October 14, the island of Somaliastralia was then founded by sailors from the Russian empire, or more specifically Estonian descent. The island would last over over little more than 60 years when the island was then ceded to the Germans. Somalistralia would then see a huge German ifluence in culture, food, and language.

20th century


Still under German territory, the island would also see combat in World War 1, and it was taken over by the Japanese from the South and the British from the North. The Japanese influence wouldn't last so strong though, as the country we now know today known as Republic of Yerepublikia was formed, founded by Alde Noch, a veteran of conquests throughouout Africa on October 10 of 1920. The island, or our new favourite country Yerepublikia would then see economic help from the British due to the island being partly occupied by the British


Krieg der Wiederbesetzung, or the War of Reoccupation was fought when Japanese forces from Indonesia, or more specifically Indonesian men who were picked and chosen to fight for the empire. The island would then fall under Japanese hands, though the Japanese did nothing but built bases and forts along the coastlines. The Indonesians would then settle in and taught the locals how to speak Indonesian, hence why Indonesian is an official language in the republic. Yerepublikia and British Somaliastralia would then be liberated by Australian forces on October 11, 1944. Not much would happen after WW2, since Yerepublikia was mostly ignored by the rest of the world during the Cold War.

Emergence of new neighbours

A new country would form named the “Kingdom of Urich” shortly after World War 2 ended on Jun 20th 1945. The new monarchy would face little to no resistance against the British due to its lack of recognition. New countries would then emerge known as the “Socialist Union of Kontrasyen” on July 19, 1948, and “Nasrulland” on Ausgust 31th 1957.

Civil War (1968-1970)

Yerepublikia would plunge into a civil war against a state known as “Aristania” on March 13, 1968, and would lose to it on May 28, 1970. The new would-be republic would name themselves the “Aristanian Republic”, or “Arista” following the Treaty of Yeresnav in the Yerepublikian capital city of Yeresnav, letting everyone on the island recognize the independence of Arista.