Republic of Ykrain

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Republic of Ykrain
Республика Йкраин (Russian)
Рэспаблікі Йкраін (Ykrainian)
Flag of Ykrain
Motto: "Эта великая наша страна никогда не упадет!" (Russian)
Эты валкіная хаша стрін жіводі не цівастранэц!" (Ykrainian)
"This great country of ours will never fall!" (English)
Largest VillageCapital
Official languagesYkrainian
Recognised national languagesUkrainian
Ethnic groups
GovernmentOne party military dictatorship
• President
Stefan Oleksijovych Dobrovolskyj
• Prime Minister
• Supreme Commander of the National Military Council
Stefan Oleksijovych Dobrovolskyj
LegislatureState Duma of Ykrain
Supreme Hadma of Ykrain
Lower Hadma of Ykrain
Independence from the United Kingdom
• Declaration of independence
2 February 2023
• Constitution ratified
2 February 2023
• 2023 estimate
Gini (2023)20
HDI (2023) 0.999
very high
CurrencyYkrainian Ruble (YRR)
Time zoneUTC+1 (Greenwich Mean Time (GMT))
Date formatyyyy-mm-dd (AD)
Driving sideleft
Calling code+44
Internet TLD.yr

The Republic of Ykrain was a self-proclaimed state and separatist movement formed on February 2, 2023 in the United Kingdom by Stefan Oleksijovych Dobrovolskyj. It fell under the Ikravanian Sector on the micronational map.


The name Ykrain is a product of the human mind, in that it has no etymological meaning in any language that contributed to the naming of Ykrain in any meaningful way. It was inspired by the East European country Ukraine and was coined by President Stefan Oleksijovych Dobrovolskyj.


Ykrain was founded on February 2, 2023, in the United Kingdom. It was created out of a desire for independence from the people of Kavkanskar, the now-capital of Ykrain.


The Ykrainian People's Armed Forces are the national military of Ykrain.

Space Program

The Ykrainian Space Agency, also known as Ykosmos, is the national space agency of Ykrain. The Ykrainian government has prioritised Ykosmos due to "its sheer importance in putting Ykrain on the world stage". Its most recent project is the Shaftka-1 project (Russian: Шафтка-1 Проект) (Ykrainian: Прожекты Шафтка-1), the placement of the Shaftka-1-1 rocket into the upper atmosphere.


Ykrain is entirely Eastern Orthodox Christian and heavily encourages the practices of Eastern Orthodox Christians, and has funded several churches, with the main churches being the Ykrainian Orthodox Church and the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.