Republic of Zaqistan

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Republic of Zaqistan
Flag of Republic of Zaqistan
Coat of arms of Republic of Zaqistan
Coat of arms
Motto: Quispiam Ex Nusquam
Something From Nothing
Other languagesEnglish
• President
Zaq Landsberg
EstablishmentNovember 19, 2005

Republic of Zaqistan is an artistic micronation located near the Great Salt Lake in Utah, United States. Zaqistan is mostly flat and dry desert and has no permanent population, although regular expeditions to the country by its citizens were a regular occurrence. The capital and only city is Zaqopolis located near Mt. Insurmountable, the highest peak in the country. Zaqistan was declared on November 19 2005 by Zaq Landsberg, during the declaration, 25 initial citizens took the Oath of Citizenship.

Zaqistan is perhaps best known for their artistic output, some of which includes structures erected in Zaqistan itself, such as a border gate, the Decennial Monument, the Victory Arch, a 30 foot mast and sail and various other temporary structures.

Zaqistan attended MicroCon 2022.