Republic of the Catalian Islands

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Republic of the Catalian Islands
Catalia (English)
Motto: "Forever Together"
Territories of Catalia
LocationThe Brothers, Alaska, United States.
CapitalMeow City
LargestMeow City
Official languagesMeowism

The Republic of the Catalian Islands, more commonly known as Catalia, is a micronation ruled by a cat located at the Three Brothers, Alaska.


Catalia has no name origin.


Graycie May, the President of the President of the Catalian Islands discovered The Brothers on her journey through Alaska, she stepped off her boat and stepped onto the island, she instantly fell inlove with the island, she claimed the island as her own and planned to preserve the island before the evil billionaire's took the island from her and destroy's it.

Foreign relations

The only nation that Catalia is allies with is the Kingdom of Dogsville, started on the day Catalia declared independence, Dogsville and Catalia remains to have a strong relationship with each other.


The only branch apart of the Catalian Defence Forces is the Catalian Navy with only one person in the Navy. Graycie Currently serve's as the Admiral of the Fleet.

Geography and climate

The climate in Catalia can be very cold or normal temperature's, when it come's to winter every citizen must keep warm.

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