Republic of the Country Union

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Flag of the Republic of the Country Union


The first essence of the nation's history is on March 25, 2021. Eli Samovski had learned of a country called the Republic of Ramerica. Eli Samovski had decided to create his own country called the Republic of Erussia. The Republic of Ramerica recognized the Republic of Erussia, so then the Republic of Erussia and the Republic of Ramerica became allies. The same day, the Repubilc of the Meggics was created, both the Repubilc of Erussia and the Republic of Ramerica had recognized. The Republic of the Meggics was dissoluted in 1 hour because the King himself said it was dissovled. Ramerica and Erussia, had made a treaty recognizing former Meggic land as Ramerican land. The former king of the Meggics declared the Second Republic of the Meggics the next day. Erussia and Ramerica did not recognize the second republic. The Ramerican civil had started. Erussia sent some forces to help crush the rebellion. Eventually, Ramerica gave up in the war, and had recognized the Meggics. Erussia had now recognized the Meggics. In the rest of 2021, some territorial changes had happened. First, Ramerica and Erussia made a deal that Erussia gets Creve Coeur, and Ramerica gets the rest of Saint Louis(With St Louis Country). Ramerica ceded part of their territory to Erussia. Some puppet states were created so it was easier to manage the area. Erussia puppeted the Republic of Ahern Avenune, and the Republic of the Mona Trail. The Country union was created, which is similar to the European Union and NATO. The Country union hopes to become a nation where all members unite. Mario Kingdom was founded. Mario Kingdom joined the Country union. Eli Samovski was allowed to be part of Mario Kingdom's government. On June 2, 2021, Mario Kingdom and Erussia united to form Marussia. On June 3, 2021, Marussia and the Meggics united to form Merussia. The Erussian civil war happened before the unifications. It happened for a couple of weeks, before the rebels that called themselves Eisrael, surrendered to Erussia. Someone else later declared independence of Paulland, in a few weeks the fighting stopped because it was given to a new independent country, that got's independence from Merussia, called Animal Kingdom, had joined the Merussian Commenwealth, which was an alliance.Merussia had the right to claim e land from Animal Kingdom whenever it wanted. That happened a few weeks later. Merussia and Ramerica had to fight Bellaland. Bellaland was claming land from Merussia and Ramerica. Ramerica had gave up, recognizing Bellaland's independence. Merussia did not recognize Bellaland. Merussia stopped fighting. A few months later, Ramerica and Merussia made a treaty, which Expanded Merussia to Western USA, and swapped some of Ramerica's land, with leaving alone the capital of Ramerica. Ramerica got everything in Easterm USA, everything east of the Misssipi river. The opposite is for Merussia. On April 17, Merussia changed the name of the Union to Union of North American Micronations. Then, on May 8, 2022, Ramerica changed their name to the Republic of Umerica. Then Umerica and UNAM decided to unite together as the Republic of the Country Union.