Republica de Rhodesia-Yara

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Republica de Rhodesia-Yara
Motto: Dios, El Presidente, Yara!
God, President, Yara!
Anthem: Rise oh Voices of Rhodesia
Capital and Largest CityEsperanza
Christianity; Judaism
GovernmentPresidential, Falangist autocracy
• El Presidente de Yara (first and last)
Vidak Jovic (2019-)
LegislatureParliament of Yara
Establishment1 January 2020
• as Yara
3 December 2021
12 October 2021
3 December 2021
• Rhodesia-Yara absorbed by Melite to become a military comissariat
19 May 2022
• Independence re-declared
27 May 2022
• Total
24,780 km2 (9,570 sq mi)
• Estimate
CurrencyEuro (EUR)
Time zoneUTC+4
Preceded by
Republica Yara
Northern Rhodesia (Melite)

Republica de Rhodesia-Yara or commonly known as Rhodesia-Yara or only Yara is a micronation located in the Balkans, having three regions with three governors. It is a presidential Falangist autocracy, ruled by El Presidente de Yara. El Presidente was eleceted every 5 months. It has diplomatic relationships with Afgarinestia, Second Assemblic Federation, Melite and Kingdom of Salanda. The latter would absorb Rhodesia-Yara as a Military Commissariat after being requested by El Presidente, until re-declaration of independence 8 days after.


Yara got its name from the fictional Caribbean island nation in the video-game Far Cry 6


In the first era of El Presidentes rule, Yara was called Republic of Zubizalandia, It was Democratic, Socialist, Constitutional Republic, and then El Presidente lost elections on 1.2.2020, he staged a coup against new president and he declared himself King of Zubizalandia. Three months passed and Zubizalandian Economy Collapsed, Protests were held and King was removed from his position. After this Zubizalandia was renamed to New Republic of Zaire, on the New Year of 2021. Zaire was at its height, but one month later it has been destroyed. Then Zubizalandia was again established, 8.10.2021 country was declared to be a Kingdom and next day an Emirate, it remained an Emirate until 5.11.2021 when Zubizalandia was renamed to Republica Yara. It was dissolved on 3 December 2021, the then Rhodesian Republic was declared. After Rhodesia became unstable, Yara was declared again as the successor of Rhodesian Republic.

Politics and government

Yara was a Presidential, Falangist Autocracy. The executive head of Yara was called 'El Presidente', having control over country, the ability to dissolve Parliament and declare a state of emergency, a state of war with a third country or Martial Law.

Law and order

The Yaran Supreme Court served as the only court in the Country. The Revolucionara Policia de Yara guarded the city and the country's citizens.[citation needed]

Foreign relations

Yara has relations with the Kingdom of Afgarinestia, the Kingdom of Fontasia (at the time the Second Assemblic Federation), Democratic Christian Republic of Melite and Kingdom of Salanda. The latter, would absorb Rhodesia-Yara to become a Military Comissariat (the lowest subdivision of Melite) under military rule under the former El Presidente Jovic, who requested the absorbency and integration of the state. Jovic, who was appointed Military Comissar of the new territory, after 8 days of existence, would re-declare independence, and Melite grants it amicably.


National Defense Forces of Yara were one most advanced in this region, participating in 5 wars and winning all of them. On 25.8.2022. a Islamic insurgency started after Organization for Liberation of Pojate Wilayah was formed, insurgency is still ongoing.[citation needed]

Geography and climate

The average temperature in Yara is 25 celsius, Yara is a mountainous country for the most part, and has beautiful nature. One of most popular rural places in Yara is Jovic National Park.[citation needed]


Currency of Yara was called the Yaran Peso, but most transactions are done using Microcredits, which soon became the only legal tender in Yara. The GDP of Yara is about 10,500 US dollars with its biggest industry being making Tobacco.[citation needed]