Republican Party (Azore)

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The Republican Party is a moderate Right-Wing Political Party in the Azorean Republic. It is lead by Luke of Wellmoore, the Party's founder and First President of Azore.

Republican Party
LeaderLuke of Wellmoore
FounderLuke of Wellmoore
Founded17 February 2022
Registered17 February 2022
Legalised17 February 2022
Membership (2022)1
IdeologyCentre-Right to Right-Wing
Political positionRight Wing
National affiliationAzorean Republic
SloganFreedom, Honour, Justice


The Republican Party was founded on the 17th of February 2022, by Luke of Wellmoore after he took office as President of Azore.


Governing Body

The Party is lead by the Republican Party Council, which consists of party senior members and appointed leaders.

Leading Members

  • Leader - Luke of Wellmoore
  • Chairman - None Appointed
  • Secretary - None Appointed
  • Spokesperson - None Appointed

Political Position


Republicans believe in a Capitalistic Free-Market economy with fiscal conservatism applying to the economy.


Typically the party is more conservative when coming to the environment but members may be more progressive and support environmental protection.

The party typically rejects policies to limit carbon emissions.

Health Care

The Republican Party believes in a mix of Public and Private healthcare. The party thinks basic healthcare should be free and accessible but if citizens can afford it they can go for private healthcare.


Republicans believe that defence is key in the protecting national ideals and the sovereignty of the nation. The Party think a strong, well trained military and police force are useful assets for a nation to maintain.

Foreign Affairs

The Republican Party thinks foreign affairs are also important in maintaining national sovereignty. They think that having allies with similar ideals is also important to help the development and progress the nation.

Social Policies

The Republican Party's social values are somewhat conservative but also supports freedom of expression, freedom of religion and a heavy emphasis on freedom of speech.

Stance on Progressiveism & Cancel-Culture

The party generally stands against new age progressiveism, mostly due to "woke" ideology held by people in society and views being forced upon other people as a result. The party is strongly against Cancel Culture, and is very pro Freedom of Speech and Opinion.

While the party acknowledges that some people may have ideals that are questionable, such as racism or sexism, the party supports freedom of speech and freedom for people to have their own views.

The party thinks people should work out what they believe and not be forced into believing a certain thing or have views forced upon them. The party encourages people to do their own research before coming to a conclusion.

Affirmative Action

The Party is against Affirmative Action. The Party favours equal opportunities but thinks that people should get things based on merit and ability over factors such as race, gender or sexuality.

Women's Rights

The Party views both Men and Women equal in stature and in the eyes of the law.

LGBT Issues

The party supports Same-Sex Marriage.

Voting Requirements

The party favours voting requirements, typically identification in some form, to prevent things such as voter fraud.

Republican Presidents

List of Republican Presidents
Officeholder Term
Luke of Wellmoore 16 February 2022 – 11 July 2022

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