Res Publica Tergumterra

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Res Publica Tergumterra
File:Eastern Kansas, United States of America
CapitalTergumterra Department
Largest cityNo cities
Official languagesSecundomian, English, Slin-English (Secundomian Classical)
GovernmentRoman-Style Republic
• Consul
Parker I
EstablishmentFebruary 27, 2011
• Census
CurrencyUSD ($)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Slinky Republyc
Republic of Sterling and Tergumterra

Res Publica Tergumterra or Tergumterra (Secundomian: θǷƸ፥ᏙθǷᏙƪ pronounced [θɛdʒuːmθɛmjɛ]) was a small micronation located entirely within the borders of Secundomia. It was lead by Parker I.


Tergumterra is roughly latin for "behind-land." This is an adaptation of the etymology of Secundomia which means "behind the house."


Tergumterra was a department of the Slinky Empyre initially. It had been sectioned off from land that was previously the Secundomian state of Middle Secundomia to express friendship between the two nations of the Empyre and Secundomia. The department was lead by Parker I of Secundomia. However, this department was enveloped in a revolution against the Slinky Kyng. Tergumterra, among other departments, called for free elections for Kyng, and the replacement of Kyng Fyrst. Ultimately, Kyng Fyrst recognized the splinter group and dissolved the Slinky Parliamentary Monarchy.

After the dissolution, Tergumterra joined the Slinky Republyc. Tergumterra was a leading part in the Republyc, with a representative of the nation, Parker I being elected Prime Minister. However, with the soon dormancy of the Republyc, Tergumterra was left without a nation. The land was temporarily returned to Secundomia who ceded it to a newly formed Res Publica Tergumterra on February 27, 2011.

After a period of dormancy, Res Publica Tergumterra was combined with the Republic of Sterling to form the Republic of Sterling and Tergumterra.