Respubliko de Nova Kalifornio

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Republic of Nova Kalifornio
Respubliko de Nova Kalifornio (Esperanto)
Flag of Respubliko de Nova Kalifornio
Coat of arms of Respubliko de Nova Kalifornio
Coat of arms
Motto: “Eureka!"
and largest city
Bela Dezerto
Official languagesEsperanto[1]
Other languagesEnglish, Spanish
Ethnic groups
White, African, and Californio
Demonym(s)Nova Kaliforniano, Novaj Kalifornianoj
GovernmentUnitary Parliamentary Republic
• Prezidanto
Lincoln Layfield
• Ĉefministro
Skott Guevara
• Ĉambrogvidanto
Skott Guevara
• Universala Deklaro de Sendependeco
1 October 2006
• Total
0.02 km2 (0.0077 sq mi)
• Estimate
(2022) 15 citizens
CurrencyNova Kalifornio Centoj
Time zonePacific Standard Time
Date formatdd/mm/yy
Driving sideright
Calling code+1

Nova Kalifornio, officially the Respubliko de Nova Kalifornio, is a North American micronation landlocked within San Bernardino County, Southern California. Nova Kalifornio is an Esperantist republic. It refers to itself as a “sovereign republic" since 2006.


The name, “Respubliko de Nova Kalifornio’ is the Esperanto translation for “Republic of New California.” However, it is always to be called “Nova Kalifornio,” regardless of the language.


Nova Kalifornio was founded on 1 October 2006 by the current Ĉefministro, Skott Guevara as a project to build an Esperantist nation and to create an egalitarian society.[2]


Joshua trees in Nova Kalifornio.
The joshua, which only grows in close proximity to Nova Kalifornio, is the national tree

Nova Kalifornio lies in the Mojave Desert of Southern California, approximately halfway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The nation has an area of approximately 4 acres, not counting external territorial claims in Antarctica and the Caribbean.


Nova Kalifornio experiences a borderline cool desert climate according to the Köppen climate classification. During the summer, temperatures are generally hot to very hot in the afternoon, but the high altitude and low humidity means temperature drop to a comfortable level at night. Nova Kalifornio has a typical Mojave Desert climate. Nova Kalifornio is one of the only places on Earth where Joshua trees grow natively.

Government and politics

Sample Nova Kalifornio e-Passport

Nova Kalifornio is a constitutional republic and unitary state, with the constitution providing provisions for a Reprezentantĉambro to serve as the legislative branch of government and is lead by the Ĉambrogvidanto. The Prezidanto acts as ceremonial head of state, and the Ĉefministro is the head of government and commander in chief. The roles of Ĉefministro and Ĉambrogvidanto are currently intertwined.[3]


Sample Centoj banknotes, 2022 series

Nova Kalifornio’s economy is heavily reliant on the surrounding United States. The currency is the Nova Kalifornio Centoj, which is pegged to the US Dollar (NKC¢1 = USD$0.20).


The culture of Nova Kalifornio is generally based on that of the surrounding United States, with particular influences from the large Spanish-speaking population and that of the Mojave Desert and Southern California. Nova Kalifornio has a cultural focus on the Esperanto language and in egalitarianism.

National symbols

The roadrunner, the Nova Kalifornio national bird

Nova Kalifornio’s primary national symbol is its flag, which indicates three horizontal stripes of white, green, and red, with a white grizzly bear in the center and a red star at the upper right corner.

The national tree and flower are the Joshua Tree and the California poppy respectively. The national animal and the national bird are the grizzly bear and the roadrunner respectively.


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