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Revalian Kingdom
Flag of Revalian Kingdom
Greater Coat of Arms of Revalian Kingdom
Greater Coat of Arms
Motto: “Why not?”
Anthem: Oh Flower of Revalia
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• King
Sander II
Prince Paul
LegislatureRoyal Parliament
Establishment19 September 2020
• (as of 2021) census
CurrencyRevalian Livre
Time zoneGMT+2

Revalia (/rɛvɑːliɑː/), officially the Revalian Kingdom, is a sovereign state located in the Harju region of Estonia. The territory of Revalia consists of one island and pieces of mainland enclaved by Estonia, covering a territory of 0,36 km². Capital and largest city of Revalia is Trumpetburgh, which has a population of 19. Revalia was declared independent on the 19th September of 2020. Revalia is an executive constitutional monarchy, ruled by King Sander II as the head of state. The official languages spoken are Estonian and English. Revalia claims to be the successor of an Estonian ancient county, Revalia (or Revala in Estonian), which was also located in the today Harju region.


Early Era

Before the official independence, the now King Sander II started Revalia as a successor to the Ancient County of Revalia, which existed 800 years ago. The Revalian Kingdom claimed the whole ancient county of Revalia, which is the modern-day Harju county in the Republic of Estonia. The now King Sander II wasn't aware of micronationalism then, so the Revalian Kingdom existed mostly on papers.


The Revalian Kingdom was established because of many purposes; the now King Sander II had just found out about the micronational community and an organisation called ÜSSA was looking for an activity. Then he, who was himself a part of ÜSSA, offered the organisation to merge into the Revalian Kingdom. The ÜSSA Council accepted and the Revalian Kingdom was officially established on 19 September 2020 AD in Tallinn, Snelli Park, in which the manifest of the Revalian Kingdom was first declared. The kingdom declared itself independent from Estonia. The founding fathers of the kingdom were ÜSSA Councilmembers. Today, ÜSSA serves as the Secret Services of the Revalian Kingdom.

Regency Era

After Revalia was declared independent, the now King Sander II was elected the Prime Minister. He also served as the Head of State, in the title of regent. During the now King Sander II's regency, Revalia made big diplomatic developments; signed treaties with many prestigious nations. Proper government institutions were established. On the 14th of March, the Constitution is passed in the Parliament and goes into effect.

Sander II's Reign

On 27 April, Sander II declared himself the King Sander II of Revalia with the total support of the parliament, his cabinet and the Royal Privy Council. Having consulted with his ministers, he appointed Prince Paul as his successor to the position of Prime Minister.

Short Rebellion

On 27 April, when Sander II had just ascended the Throne, His Royal Highness, Prince Indrek, started a short rebellion, stating that Sander II's ascension was unlawful. Prince Indrek gathered a small unarmed force to take over the Royal Palace, but the Trumpetburgh garrison and the 1st Infantry Division, under the command of Colonel Minni of Reemle, managed to defeat the prince's forces. Prince Indrek then apologised and Sander II accepted his apology. No court trial was ever held.

Assassination Attempt

On 25 February 2022, during an extraordinary meeting of the cabinet, an unknown communist terrorist attempted to assassinate King Sander II with a lethal weapon. The attempt failed, because the terrorist was quickly disarmed and later executed by the Police and Border Guard Services.


Political parties

Logo Party Ideology Leader Seats in Parliament Government Posts
Monarchist Party "Literator" Nationalism, monarchism Prince Paul, the Duke of West
6 / 9
Prime Minister, Minister of Defence, Minister of Social Affairs
Revalian Socialist Workers' Party Socialism His Grace the Count of Noblessner
1 / 9
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Revalian National People's Party Nationalism, socialism Ewan Howe
1 / 9
Revalian Compromise Party Democracy Johannes M. Toome
0 / 9


His Majesty's Royal Revalian Government is formed by the strongest party (or coalition) in the Revalian Royal Parliament. The current government-coalition comprises the Revalian Monarchist Party "Literator" and the Revalian Socialist Workers Party. There are various government ministries. The current Prime Minister is Prince Paul.


The Armed Forces of the Revalian Kingdom are the military services responsible for the defence of Revalia. The military consists of three branches; Army, Navy and Air Force. The Armed Forces of the Revalian Kingdom are managed by the Ministry of Defence and the Defense Staff.


Revalia is located in northern Estonia, Harju region. Revalia claims small amounts of land in various places, most of the claims are in the city of Tallinn and the Käsmu Peninsula. All of these claims make an overall of 0,36 square kilometers.

Administrative Divisions

Revalian Administrative Divisions are parishes, territories and cities.

Flag Coat of arms / Seal Name Annexed Population Representative
Trumpetburgh 19 September 2020 19
Parish of Tallinn 19 September 2020 19 Elder Indrek
Käsmu Parish 19 September 2020 0 Elder Joonas
Jõelähtme Parish 19 September 2020 0 Elder Paul
Kerita Parish 19 September 2020 0 Elder Eva
Territory of Kuradisaar 19 September 2020 0 King Sander II
Principality of Handme 16 June 2021 2 Prince Hans I


Climate data for Trumpetburgh, Revalia (normals 1991–2020 and extremes 1805–present)
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record high °C (°F) 9.2
Average high °C (°F) -0.7
Daily mean °C (°F) -2.9
Average low °C (°F) -5.5
Record low °C (°F) -31.4
Average Precipitation mm (inches) 56
Average relative humidity (%) 89 86 80 72 69 74 76 79 82 85 89 89 81
Average rainy days 10 8 9 12 11 13 13 14 17 18 16 12 153
Average snowy days 19 18 13 5 0.4 0 0 0 0 2 11 18 87
Sunshine hours 29.7 58.8 148.4 217.3 306.0 294.3 312.1 255.6 162.3 88.3 29.1 20.7 1,922.7
Source no. 1: w:Estonian Weather Service[1][2][3][4][5]
Source no. 2: Weather Atlas[6]



De Jure Currency in the Revalian Kingdom is Revalian Livre, although de facto, euro is used. 1 Revalian Livre is worth around 2 euros. Livres are minted brass coins.


Strongest part of the Revalian economy is agriculture. There are 2 state-owned fields; both in the Jõelähtme Parish. One of them is the Royal Field, which is the main food supply for the Royal Family, located near the Jõelähtme Church. The other field is managed by the Ministry of Agriculture and it is located near Kostivere.


Revalian culture is strongly nordic, though it includes more southern european traditions like football.

Football Federation of the Revalian Kingdom

Football Federation of Revalian Kingdom was founded by Princes Paul and Joonas. The president of the federation is Prince Joonas. The federation organises the Revalian Football League, the Revalian Virtual Football League and the most important subject of the FFRK is the National Football Team of the Revalian Kingdom. The captain of the team is Prince Paul.


Revalia has a strong literature culture, as some of the Royal Family are writers themselves. The newest book a member of the Revalian Union of Writers (which is led by Prince Indrek) published was a novel called "Bright Sleep" and it was written by Princess Eva.


Revalian Cuisine is very special; food from all around the world is commonly eaten, although there are some very traditional nordic recipes that the Revalian Royal Cooking Association manages, under the leadership of Princess Mai. One of them, arguably the most famous one, is minced meat sauce, which is called "hakklihakaste" or "hakklihasoust" in Estonian.

Minced meat sauce with potatoes


Theater is perhaps the most popular of the arts in Revalia. Three members of the Royal Family are professional actors and have acted in many plays and movies. The Royal Revalian Theater Association, under the leadership of Princess Maria, is in charge of managing the Royal Revalian Theater.


Revalian Evangelistic Lutheran Church is led by the Archbishop of Jõelähtme. The current Archbishop is Archbishop Margus. The Archbishop's seat is the Cathedral of Jõelähtme, which is located in the Jõelähtme Parish.

National holidays and events

Date Name of the event Description
1 January Uus Aasta (New Year) Celebrating the new year.
24 Feburary Eesti Vabariigi Aastapäev (Independence Day of Estonia)
20 April Monarhia Päev (Monarchy Day) Celebrating the birthday of King Sander II and Prince Paul.
13 June Püha Antooniuse Päev (The Feast of St. Anthony) Honouring the memory of St. Anthony of Padua.
23 June Võidupüha (Victory Day) Celebrated to commemorate the great win of Estonian forces in the Liberty War.
23 June Jaanilaupäev (St. John's Eve) Celebrating the eve of midsummer.
24 June Jaanipäev (St. John's Day) Celebrating midsummer.
29 August Hjalviki Aastapäev (Hjalsk Independence Day) Celebrated to commemorate the independence of Revalia's good ally, Jarldom of Hjalvik.
19 September Revala Kuningriigi Aastapäev (Independence Day) Celebrated to commemorate the independence of Revalia.
21 December Talvine Pööripäev (Midwinter) Celebrating Midwinter.
24 December Jõululaupäev (Christmas Eve) Celebrating the eve of Christmas with a feast and giving gifts.
25 December Jõulupüha (Christmas) Commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ.
31 December Vana-Aasta Õhtu (New Year's Eve) Last day of the year.


Revalian folklore is widely known around the kingdom. The most notable piece of folklore is about the Lake Ülemiste's Old Man. The legend says that the "Old Man of Lake Ülemiste" (Estonian: Ülemiste vanake) lives in the lake. When anyone meets him, he always asks: "Is Tallinn ready yet?". If the other person answers "Yes, the city is ready.", then the old man will send the lake waters out to cover the city of Tallinn. In this way, if anyone meets this old man, they should answer: "No, the city is not ready. There is a lot of work to do still." In this way the city can be saved.

Awards and titles of Revalia

Nobility and royalty

The nobility and royalty of Revalia consists of 10 ranks:

  • King/Queen
  • Sovereign Prince/Princess
  • Grand Duke/Grand Duchess
  • Prince/Princess
  • Duke/Duchess
  • Marquis/Marchioness
  • Earl/Countess
  • Viscount/Viscountess
  • Baron/Baroness
  • Knight/Lady


Foreign relations

Revalia has signed treaties of mutual recognition with several nations, including Hjalvik, Austenasia, Vishwamitra, Slitronia and many others.


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